FreeviewPlus for Australia unveiled

Monday, March 3rd, 2014
Freeview Australia logo

FreeviewPlus is coming soon – a new TV experience for Australian viewers

Freeview Australia today unveiled the key features for FreeviewPlus, the new service that provides access to content and services from the free-to air networks.

At the core of FreeviewPlus is a free-to-air TV electronic program guide incorporating broadband-delivered services that will offer Australian consumers an unrivalled viewing experience.

As first announced in November last year, FreeviewPlus will deliver the most advanced, user-friendly free-to-air EPG experience, with catch-up services accessed from one place
on TV screens for the first time.

“FreeviewPlus is one of the most important advances in free-to-air television in Australia since the introduction of digital TV,” Liz Ross, General Manager of Freeview, said.

In a world first, free-to-air networks in Australia have joined forces to offer viewers an enhanced television experience.

“In just a few months, Australian TV viewers will be able to access and enjoy a very sophisticated and yet easy-to-use free-to-air TV service.”

The FreeviewPlus service uses hybrid TV technology, which seamlessly combines broadband and broadcast TV. The technology will also enable the free-to-air networks to introduce a range of new broadband services.

FreeviewPlus will offer a range of new features including:

  • A 7-day, easy-to-use EPG
  • All available FTA catch-up TV through the TV screen and one EPG
  • Highlights of the big shows today, on catch-up and in the future
  • Ability to browse and search programs for the next 7 days
  • A “Favourites” function with reminders

Retailers and manufacturers are working closely with Freeview in the lead up to launch in one of the biggest developments in FTA TV since the introduction of digital multichannels.

Freeview is planning an extensive marketing campaign which will support retailers and manufacturers and drive consumer awareness of FreeviewPlus.

FreeviewPlus will be available through new connected receivers carrying the FreeviewPlus logo including panel TVs, set top boxes and recording devices.

Manufacturers will release a range of FreeviewPlus receivers to coincide with the launch of FreeviewPlus and these will be available from all major appliance and electronics retailers.

FreeviewPlus will provide easy access to catch-up TV and many other services via the coloured buttons on the remote.

“Last year, live free-to-air TV reached an audience of 15.2 million Australians daily, and a quarter of all internet-connected consumers watched catch-up TV,” Ms Ross said.

“We expect that with the launch of FreeviewPlus, Australians will continue their love of FTA TV as more and more viewers watch their favourite shows when they want to watch them
on their TV with the simple press of a button.”