Thaicom to broadcast HD-DTT channels direct-to-home via satellite

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014
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Thaicom gets ready for Digital Terrestrial HD channels broadcasting

NONTHABURI — Thaicom PLC is ready to start broadcasting the high definition (HD) channels of the Digital Terrestrial (DTT) TV, as part of Thailand’s television platforms analogue-to-digital transition. Viewers will be able to enjoy the high quality HD broadcasts of DTT-HD channels through THAICOM satellite network nationwide.

Suphajee Suthumpun, Chairman of the Executive Committee and CEO, Thaicom Public Company Limited revealed that, “Thaicom, Thailand’s satellite broadcasting service provider, has been preparing for the launch of HD services for DTT channels via Thaicom’s satellite network. This service will complement Thailand’s DTT broadcasts, as viewers will be able to view these DTT channels at HD quality through our satellite network in addition to the present standard definition channels already carried on our system.”

Thaicom will start the first phase of broadcasting the HD channels for DTT in July of this year on C-band. Broadcasts of the HD signal on the Ku-band will be provided in the next phase of the roll-out. The Company is now working with prospect DTT channels to commence the services.

With HD-enabled “DVB-S2-HD” set-top boxes, viewers will be able to enjoy the high picture quality of the HD channels of DTT in addition to the hundreds of other Satellite TV channels already available on THAICOM satellite platform.

“The transition from analogue TV to digital is an important step for Thailand’s broadcasting industry. The emergence of DTT will bring new quality TV programs to all viewers in addition to satellite TV channels. Thaicom is committed to enhancing the audience’s viewing pleasure and aims to ensure viewers’ convenience and satisfaction,” Suphajee said.