Univisa to launch DTH TV in Ecuador with Hansen Technologies

Friday, September 12th, 2014
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Univisa S.A. Signs ICC License with Hansen Technologies

Hansen Technologies Limited (ASX: HSN) today announced that Univisa S.A. has signed a 5-year license agreement to use Hansen’s ICC Customer Care and Billing Solution for its operations in Ecuador. Under the agreement, Univisa S.A. will deploy Hansen’s ICC solution to bill for PayTV services offered through its Direct-To-Home (DTH) operation.

Univisa is the third largest PayTV operation in Ecuador with a Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS) network covering more than 500,000 households and offering PayTV and wireless internet. The company will be launching a new DTH platform under Headend in the Sky (HITS) with an initial focus on pre-paid services. On this platform, Univisa will reach almost 3 million households, representing a significant growth opportunity for the company.

“This is an important deal for Hansen as it increases our footprint and momentum in the Latin American PayTV market. With more companies now operating under HITS, Univisa will be a key reference for Hansen as they continue to penetrate the Ecuadorian market” said Andrew Hansen, Hansen Technologies CEO.

Univisa considers their billing and customer care platform to be one of the key elements to success and a sustainable business plan, with a specific focus on service quality, service experience, innovation, reduced churn, subscriber base growth, and rapid time-to –market offers. The ICC platform’s convergent service capabilities, experience with integration to DTH operators, and Hansen’s ability to evolve with their customers’ changing needs – especially in the PayTV space – were all key to Univisa selecting the Hansen solution.

Roberto De la Cruz, Member of the Board of Univisa, said, “We chose Hansen because we believe they are the right partner for our business plan in this new, competitive environment. Their customer footprint and local support in Latin America, reliable and proven solution for DTH operators, seamless and fully-integrated solution, and fully deployed pre-paid model are all reasons we have chosen Hansen to enable our growing business.”