VIZIO and Sony Visual Products adopt Dolby AC-4

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015
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SAN FRANCISCO — Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB), the developer of the AC-4 standard, today announced partnerships with VIZIO and Sony Visual Products to drive the adoption of Dolby® AC-4 in televisions for next-generation broadcast systems and streaming Internet content.

A powerful new audio format in the Dolby Audio™ family, Dolby AC-4 enables the most efficient delivery of premium consumer experiences to TVs and other consumer devices. Its practical, scalable, and flexible tools are built on state-of-the-art technology and Dolby’s decades of proven know-how in the broadcast industry. Dolby AC-4 is available now for product development and is targeted for availability in consumer TVs starting in 2017.

Dolby will work closely with these leading companies, broadcasters, and streaming services to advance the industry’s experience with next-generation audio. Together, they will bring new products and services to market, and drive consumer awareness of next-generation audio entertainment experiences delivered in Dolby AC-4.

“At VIZIO, we are committed to delivering on the full potential of IP delivery of premium entertainment, and the rapid pace of innovation Dolby AC-4 makes possible,” said Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO. “The opportunity to innovate with Dolby in both audio and video makes the adoption of Dolby AC-4 a compelling opportunity with extraordinary consumer value.”

“We have a long history of working closely with Dolby to bring new technologies to market,” said Toshi Suzuki, General Manager of Partner Strategy, Sony Visual Products. “We are pleased to continue this collaboration with the new Dolby AC-4 technology that will both bring innovative experiences to consumers and power televisions that better meet the needs of all audiences.”

Dolby AC-4 provides new solutions for the current challenges broadcasters face—such as more-efficient delivery of high-quality experiences, alternate language versions, and services for hearing-impaired and visually impaired audiences—while providing a platform for new experiences from broadcast and Internet OTT services. As television evolves from 5.1-channel audio to new paradigms that include more personal and immersive experiences, the object-based audio capabilities of Dolby AC-4 will be essential to realizing this next generation of television entertainment.

“We are pleased to be working with Sony Visual Products and VIZIO to bring products with Dolby AC-4 technology to market, and are proud to count them among a growing list of CE manufacturers, SOC providers, and professional partners who support Dolby AC-4,” said Giles Baker, Senior Vice President, Broadcast Business Group, Dolby. “Dolby AC-4 has already been standardized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and DVB. And now, as a candidate for ATSC, Dolby AC-4 is made more powerful by the addition of these global leaders in consumer displays.”

About Dolby Audio

Dolby Audio™ is a set of robust technologies that deliver rich, clear, powerful sound in the cinema, at home, and on the go. It makes entertainment more compelling by providing a vibrant audio experience for content that is broadcast, downloaded, streamed, played in cinemas, or enjoyed via disc.

About Dolby AC-4

A powerful new audio format in the Dolby Audio™ family, Dolby AC-4 addresses the current and future needs of next-generation video and audio entertainment services including broadcast and Internet streaming.

The core elements of Dolby AC-4 have been standardized with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute as TS 103 190 and adopted by DVB in TS 101 154, and they are ready for adoption for next-generation services and specifications. Rooted in generations of broadcast audio experience, Dolby AC-4 provides the content and device industries a strong foundation to collaboratively build leading-edge audio experiences that meet the needs of consumers.