Subscription VoD accounts for 5% of Dutch daily video use

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016
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Subscription VoD services account for 5% of Dutch daily video use

HOUTEN, The Netherlands — Dutch consumers devote on average 5 percent of their daily video viewing to subscription VoD services. That’s equal to around 15 minutes per day, according to the Dutch Consumer Video Behaviour report from Telecompaper. SVoD (subscription video on demand) services offer unlimited access to an on-demand video library for a fixed monthly fee.

Looking only at consumers subscribed to sVoD services, the viewing time increases to an average 1 hour per day. Netflix is the biggest sVoD provider in the Netherlands. It’s especially popular with households with children; a quarter of these subscribe to Netflix, compared to 17 percent of all Dutch households. In the fourth quarter of 2015, Netflix had a total of 1.3 million subscribers in the Netherlands.

Only 2 percent of Dutch households have no pay-TV subscription. This group is more likely to have a Netflix subscription, or subscribe to one of the local VoD services Videoland or NLziet. The share of households without a pay-TV subscription subscribing to Videoland Unlimited doubled in the past year, from 6 to 12 percent.

Linear TV remains the most popular way to watch films, series and programmes, accounting for almost 40 percent of viewing time on average. Most of this occurs on the TV in the living room, but 11 percent use their tablet for linear TV and 6 percent a smartphone.

The Dutch Consumer Video Behaviour report is published semi-annually and provides extensive information on video consumers, their devices and subscription services, and time spent on TV and OTT content. OTT services are delivered over the internet, rather than through a traditional TV subscription. In the report the following premium channels and OTT video services are included: Netflix, Film1, Ziggo Sport Totaal, HBO, FOX Sports, NLziet, Videoland Unlimited, MyPrime and plus packages offered by broadcast providers. The data comes from the Telecompaper Consumer Panel, which every six months surveys over 10,000 Dutch consumers. The price of the report is EUR 3,000.