India - CASBAA urges digital transformation

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008 

HONG KONG — The Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (CASBAA) yesterday released its ‘Digital Vision: India in 2012’ report in New Delhi, providing an up-to-date overview of the opportunities for rapid development of India’s digital broadband and television industries.

The CASBAA Digital Vision report also provides an assessment of India’s pay-TV environment, along with recommendations for senior policy-makers on promoting the growth of India’s digital communications services.

By the end of 2007, cable systems were Indias largest wired network, connecting almost 60% of Indian homes with wireline access. The reach of the cable industry will continue to grow, with more than 100 million Indian homes expected to be connected by cable networks by 2012.

With 71 million homes wired, digital television and broadband networks are set to play a vital role in Indias economic development just as they did in Japan, Europe, the US and elsewhere. With private investment waiting in the wings to increase high-speed digital capacity for cable TV, the benefits for consumers and economy stand to be enormous, said Simon Twiston Davies, CEO of CASBAA.

The report notes that the phenomenal advantage of Indias rapid cable TV growth is at risk of being eroded by overly intrusive regulations. The industry in India is looking for lighter-touch regulation appropriate for the creation of a world-class digital infrastructure as well as broadband take-up, added Twiston Davies.

Meanwhile, CASBAA also staged an invitation only ‘Pay-TV roundtable: Advanced Video Communications: Convergence = Choice’ in New Delhi, providing a platform for senior industry executives and government officials to analyze and discuss how to offer more choices for Indian consumers in terms of the quality and variety of content, and the impact of current regulatory practices on investment in a new infrastructure for India.

The roundtable is followed by the CASBAA India Satellite Forum today, a first ever high-profile satellite industry event in India organised by the Association. For more details, please visit

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