bitREC presents contextual video search

Monday, November 28th, 2016
bitREC logo

VILNIUS, Lithuania — Content recommendation platform bitREC introduces contextual video search tool for VOD service operators. The solution enables search within video content, improves SEO for video websites and enriches contextual content meta-data.

“Compared to other industries OTT TV and VOD websites receive less traffic from search engines, as the engines rely only on meta-information from various sources. This also limits user ability to write natural language like search queries. Our search product indexes content by what was actually said or shown in the video, extracting additional contextual keywords” – notes CEO of bitREC Romas Juskevicius.

Contextual video search is based on voice-to-text recognition and deep learning algorithms. More than 90 languages will be supported in the production version.

Contextual video search is a second product by bitREC aimed at pay-TV operators. The company already offers multi-platform content personalization services for IPTV, OTT TV, VOD providers and broadcasters.

“In current saturated TV landscape content personalization is the most effective way to drive customer engagement, improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn rate and increase ARPU” – says Romas Juskevicius.

Baltic and Nordic countries were the primary markets for the company. However, bitREC is quickly expanding its reach with clients beyond Europe. For a limited time the company is offering a free-trial of its recommendation platform.

“We aim to challenge the market assumption that top-notch content personalization products are only affordable for top-tier operators. Our primary clients are pay-TV providers and broadcasters, who are working to strengthen their positions in digital / online space” – indicates Romas Juskevicius.

bitREC has been personalizing customer experience since 2012. The company provides recommendation services for a very competitive e-commerce industry. Company’s clients include leading retailers in Europe and the United States.