Netflix app added to UPC Switzerland's Horizon HD Recorder

Monday, December 12th, 2016
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Netflix app is now available on the Horizon HD Recorder

WALLISELLEN / VIENNA — Thanks to the global partnership entered into between Liberty Global and Netflix, customers in Switzerland can now also benefit from an app that can be operated directly on the Horizon HD Recorder. This will allow film and TV series fans to access the attractive content offered by Netflix directly through their Horizon HD Recorder. It means that anyone wishing to watch highlights such as “House of Cards”, “Stranger Things” or “Narcos” on their television can do so seamlessly and no longer needs to switch back and forth between devices and remote controls.

As a leading provider of communication and entertainment in Switzerland, UPC is heralding a new era in the world of entertainment. Netflix is already available for TV customers via various television devices, games consoles and streaming players. UPC’s Horizon HD Recorder is now also joining the ranks of these devices and offers UPC customers direct access via the Netflix app to even more exciting Hollywood movies, top TV shows, documentaries, independent films, stand-up comedy and a wide range of kids’ titles.

Activation of the Netflix app on the Horizon HD Recoder will begin today, meaning that the app will be available for all customers by tomorrow, Tuesday, at the latest. Customers will incur no additional costs, can sign up through the Netflix app or use their existing credentials to start enjoying Netflix on their Horizon HD Recorder. The first month is free when customers sign up for a new Netflix account for the first time.

UPC is currently the only company in Switzerland to offer its customers a set-top box with direct access to the world of Netflix. Customers can conveniently launch Netflix directly from channel 119, just like they’ve been enjoying TV before.

The world of entertainment in one place

With the new Netflix app, UPC is making the in-home TV experience even more attractive. The company’s CEO, Eric Tveter, is equally delighted as his customers are by UPC’s expanded line-up of streaming content: “We are committed to bringing the best content to our customers, at any time and on any device. We are expanding our line-up of TV content with our global Netflix partnership. The fact that we are now able to offer the app on our Horizon HD Recorder is a further step towards realising our vision.”

In addition to exciting TV shows, movies and award-winning Netflix originals on Netflix, UPC offers even more entertainment content on the Horizon HD Recorder. Some 10,000 films and TV series are available via “MyPrime”, including UPC’s Swiss original productions, such as sitcom “Die Lehrer”. In mid-2017, the “MySports” channel will be launched offering exclusive sports content, such as Swiss ice hockey. “Poker World” and other games provide interactivity.