Rockchip launches 4K HDR TV STB SoC at CES2017

Friday, January 6th, 2017 
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Rockchip’s new 4K HDR TV Box Solution Launched at CES!

LAS VEGAS — New TV technology is always one of the highlights of CES. Rockchip launched its new 4K HDR TV Box Solution RK3328 which boasts higher integrity and additional cost and performance advantages at CES 2017.

With the following features, it has gained the attention of the media:

  1. 4K HDR H265 encoding support ultra HD display
    a. 4K 60Hz display with HDR extension display
    b. High Dynamic Range for better experience
    c. Powerful 4K video decoders up to 60fps 10bit, H.265 encoding for Video Communication and IP Camera
  2. High throughput for accessing USB3.0 storage device
  3. Advanced network support
    a. Giga Ethernet is necessary for Fiber Home
    b. Dual Ethernet I/F, support Gateway function
  4. Voice recognition and voice control
    MIC array for voice recognition and voice control
  5. Other performance superiority
    a. Android 7.1 / Linux OS and 64bit CPU
    b. Support DDR4 large memory
    c. Hardware based modules for DVB application
    d. OP-TEE secure OS and DRM including Widevine L1 and PlayReady

Consumers are always looking for better image quality experience and many TV manufacturers are now focusing on HDR TV product lines. Meanwhile, more and more video resources are being provided for HDR TV. According to a prediction of IHS, by the year 2019, the amount of sales of HDR TV conforming to FHD acceptance standards will sharply rise to 3,260. Based on breakthroughs in technology, the process of standardization and the market development trend of HDR TV terminals, the HDR TV will have a period of rapid development on the market.

Meanwhile, there is more demand for home entertainment products and home entertainment consoles will be a new trend. In addition to the richer program content available through the Internet, a variety of online business applications can also be installed that enable the television to access and utilize home entertainment and business functions, such as social media, shopping, VR, games and so on. Rockchip RK3328 is an excellent choice for high-end TV boxes. It can support 4K high-definition video, as well as games, VR and other high-quality video needs.