Magnum Semiconductor launches new Multimedia-Rich Application Processor

Monday, January 7th, 2008

ZEVIO ZV1050 Provides High-Quality 3D Graphics, Video and Audio for Low-Cost Consumer Applications

LAS VEGAS — Consumer Electronics Show — Magnum Semiconductor Corporation today announced the ZEVIO™ ZV1050 Multimedia Application Processor, the latest member of its ZEVIO line of System-on-Chip solutions for cost-effective and power sensitive applications in consumer entertainment and information applications. The ZV1050 combines an ARM9 CPU with an advanced 3D graphics engine to deliver photo-realistic graphical images and game-quality effects on portable LCD or external TV displays. The ZEVIO family gives original equipment manufacturers a scalable cost-effect platform for developing a range of new systems and services.

The ZV1050 is particularly well suited for digital photo frames and GPS portable navigation devices. By enabling power and cost-effective 3D technology in these applications, the ZV1050 provides exciting new features and enhancements with minimal impact on the system’s overall cost-of-production. Photo frames can now provide unique eye-pleasing photo slide transitions with 3D visual effects, along with responsive and visually-oriented menu systems for a more intuitive user interface for non-technical consumers. The same 3D capabilities allow navigation devices to provide a driver’s eye perspective of elevations and individual structures, to supplement standard overhead map views.

“The ZEVIO ZV1050 is a perfect fit for applications that would benefit from increasing levels of graphical and audio/video performance, and that must support a variety of inputs,” said Melvin Hirata, general manager for the ZEVIO product line at Magnum. “Emerging 3D mapping systems and digital photo frames are just two examples where the ZV1050 delivers new features the market wants without driving up the cost of the end product to the consumer,” he added.

The ZV1050 integrates multiple task-specific processors, distributing work as opposed to forcing all tasks to be run on a single CPU. The general purpose CPU is a 32-bit ARM926 CPU running at 225MHz. For graphical tasks, the chip integrates dedicated geometry and rendering engines for 3D graphics processing as well as a 2D graphics processor to overlay graphical content such as video and 3D with 2D character fonts. An integrated ZSP400TM DSP core enables developers to process algorithmic functions such as video and audio decode without affecting the performance of the CPU. 192KB of internal memory can be utilized to reduce the access to external memory in order to lower the system power consumption.

The ZV1050 supports playback of popular digital video formats including MPEG-4 and H.264. The audio capabilities of the ZV1050 include 64-channel sound synthesis for MIDI playback, 3D positional audio for sound effects, and decoding of popular compressed digital audio formats such as MP3, so that consumers can enjoy audiophile-quality music and game-quality synthesized audio effects. In addition, the digital audio input port and integrated DSP can provide audio encoding and voice recognition capabilities.

The ZV1050 provides a broad set of peripheral interfaces, including two SDIO slots for memory card and I/O expansion, a USB 2.0 OTG interface to connect the system directly to a PC host or to a USB peripheral, an 8-channel 10-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for touch screen and other sensor modules, and a CMOS/CCD camera interface to capture still or video images.

The Magnum Semiconductor ZEVIO ZV1050 is provided in 15x15mm 233 BGA package. Power consumption is less than 200mW in typical applications. This single- chip solution for economical multimedia-rich low-power consumer applications is available in sample quantities now from Magnum Semiconductor, with production scheduled to begin during the current quarter. It is priced below $8 for volume orders.