Nicolas Stefanelli appointed as Chairman at CI Plus

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Nicolas STEFANELLI appointed as Chairman at CI Plus LLP for 2018

AUBAGNE, France — NEOTION, a technology leader specialised in delivering secure devices for the Digital TV industry, is honoured to announce the nomination of Nicolas STEFANELLI, Strategic Partnerships at NEOTION, as Chairman of CI Plus LLP board for a one year mandate in 2018. He’s the tenth chairman since the beginning of the story for CI Plus LLP and succeeds Peter LANIGAN from TP Vision.

The CI Plus LLP Chairman is the first contact person for external bodies such as other standardisation associations (DVB, HbbTV,…), the Studios and their technical representative including the MPAA and MovieLabs, Pay TV Operators and the CI Plus LLP’s licensees (CI Plus TV sets / CAMs / STB manufacturers and component makers). He is also in charge of the organisation and following-up all the operational and legal actions of CI Plus.

CI Plus LLP, a UK Registered Limited Liability Partnership was created 10 years ago in 2008 and is formed of seven major companies in the TV field: NEOTION, Panasonic, Samsung, SmarDTV, SMIT, Sony and TP Vision. CI Plus LLP acts as the “Trust Authority” for the CI Plus Standard and its primary role is to ensure the security and integrity of CI Plus as deployed in the market

The CI Plus standard enables Pay-TV service providers to provide Pay TV services direct to Television Sets and Set Top Boxes using a simple CI+ Module that can easily be installed by Consumers into CI+ enabled devices in their home.

Since it launched in 2008, more than half a billion CI+ Devices have been deployed in the market.

Nicolas STEFANELLI said: “It is a great honour for NEOTION and for me to be elected Chairman of CI Plus LLP for 2018 and I look forward to exciting challenges in the year ahead continuing the growth and development of CI Plus in the market.“