Zenterio OS powers new series of STBs at Telekom Romania

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018
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Telekom Romania Enhances TV User Experience With Zenterio OS

  • Zenterio OS Provides Telekom Romania With a Flexible, Rock-Solid Solution That Harmonizes the User Experience Across Different Set-Top Boxes

STOCKHOLM — Zenterio, a leading television and multiscreen solutions provider, announced today that Telekom Romania is using Zenterio OS to power a new series of set-top boxes (STBs) for its TV Interactiv IPTV service. Zenterio OS is an independent operating system for interactive TV, supporting software harmonization on any STB platform across different countries, vendors, and ecosystems, with a fast time to market. Thanks to Zenterio OS, Telekom Romania end users can now enjoy a seamless user experience and rich feature set, including live TV, VOD, network PVR, time-shift TV, USB PVR, and fast channel change, on the new STBs.

's TV Interactiv STB Powered by Zenterio OS

“Zenterio OS has been successfully powering our IPTV STBs for the last several years. Recently, we wanted to introduce a new STB hardware vendor and model to optimize hardware sourcing and leverage the harmonization strategy in Deutsche Telekom Group,” said Roxana Baias, marketing director at Telekom Romania. “Zenterio OS made the introduction of new set-top boxes efficient and smooth, without any requirement for software integration. As the expense of the porting was a fraction of a full end-to-end integration project, Zenterio’s solution resulted in an efficient way of using resources for Telekom Romania.”

Zenterio OS features proven technology that separates software from hardware, reducing integration time and providing operators like Telekom Romania with the flexibility to choose any set-top box from any vendor. With Zenterio OS, Telekom Romania can offer the latest advanced services to its customers in the quickest manner possible and at a lower cost compared with other operating systems on the market.

All of Telekom Romania’s STBs, including the ones launched in 2014 and the new models, share the same feature set, making the introduction of the new STBs seamless for end users as well as for Telekom Romania’s marketing, product, operational, and customer care teams. Zenterio OS provides a smooth and fluid native user interface with highly responsive performance, customized for the local market.

“Zenterio enables Telekom Romania to use the same STB models as its parent company, Deutsche Telekom Group. Taking advantage of the investments at the group level not only saves money, but also provides access to value generating technologies that will keep Telekom Romania’s offering ahead of the market,” said Jörgen Nilsson, CEO of Zenterio. “Through the flexibility of Zenterio’s platform, Telekom Romania can integrate and launch new services on multiple boxes, from different hardware vendors, in an efficient and unified way. The harmonized software allows Telekom Romania to add enhanced features easily as the market evolves, ensuring that its subscribers always have access to the most compelling content and the best user experience.”