SimpleReach launches all-in-one digital video measurement platform

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018
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SimpleReach Launches First All-in-One Digital Video Measurement Platform

  • Leader in Branded Content Data Now Enables Brands to Track Owned, Publisher Partner, and Influencer Video Performance Across All Digital Platforms

NEW YORK — SimpleReach, the leading content data cloud, announced today the public release of its all-in-one video measurement platform that enables brands to seamlessly track owned, publisher partner, and influencer video performance across an increasingly complex digital video landscape. All marketers can now utilize the SimpleReach video measurement platform as their “mission control” for making data-driven decisions that improve the outcomes of digital video marketing campaigns across websites, mobile apps, social media, and OTT platforms.

“We’ve launched the SimpleReach video measurement platform to improve and simplify the overly complicated process of measuring digital video engagement across the web,” said Edward Kim, Founder and Executive Chairman of SimpleReach. “Video is the fastest growing area of content creation and is commanding a larger portion of both creation and distribution budgets, yet it remains nearly impossible to make sense of performance data across multiple platforms. Our solution enables brands and agencies to not only bring all of this data together in one place to analyze and visualize, it also allows them to develop their own standardized metric definitions, such as what counts as a view. In doing so, we’re making apples-to-apples comparisons on digital video performance possible for the first time, so marketers can properly measure the ROI of an increasingly important part of their marketing spend.”

Marketers can access their video performance data from SimpleReach’s hundred-plus existing premium branded content partners with no additional integration required. Furthermore, marketers and their influencer partners can easily authenticate their respective social media accounts into the platform. Together, this highly granular video data unlocks insights that allow marketers to tailor content creation and optimize distribution for specific platforms.

Unlike written content, which is typically read on a website, videos are often watched directly on platforms, making it extremely difficult to measure performance using existing analytics tools. Additionally, platforms define video engagement in vastly different ways. For instance, a viewer must engage with a video nearly ten-times longer on YouTube than Facebook to count as a view. SimpleReach is the only solution that standardizes video engagement by giving brands the ability to set their own key metrics to measure digital video success.

“As we’ve moved into video with our branded content efforts, we’ve found it much more difficult to track real-time performance,” said Luke Kintigh, Head of Publishing at Intel iQ. “People watch digital video on infinitely more platforms and social networks than copy-based content, and nearly every single one of those platforms reports on audience engagement differently. SimpleReach’s solution should not only allow us to improve our measurement and reporting on video performance, but we’ll also be able to make quicker decisions on things such as what video assets we should be putting paid spend behind.”