RhythmOne guarantees advanced TV audience delivery

Tuesday, July 31st, 2018
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RhythmOne Guarantees Advanced TV Audience Delivery to Help Marketers and Media Buyers Maximize Targeted Reach and Campaign Performance

  • RhythmOne Guarantees Advanced TV Audience Delivery to Help Marketers and Media Buyers Maximize Targeted Reach and Campaign Performance
  • Solution leverages comScore cross-platform campaign measurement to enable marketers to pay only for impressions delivered in-demo

LONDON, England and SAN FRANCISCO, CA — RhythmOne plc (LSE AIM: RTHM), a global advertising technology company, today announced that it will offer United States-based clients guaranteed(1) in-demo delivery of advanced TV campaigns.(2) This unique offering provides clients with campaign-level audience measurement while accessing RhythmOne’s premium network of app publishers within its advanced TV marketplace, including connected TV, TV everywhere, and interactive TV. The RhythmOne Advanced TV Audience Guarantee solution analyzes and optimizes campaign exposure data against comScore cross-platform measurement, which provides insight into campaign reach across TV, over-the-top (OTT), desktop, and mobile platforms for a complete view of campaign delivery.

“The future of TV advertising in today’s digital world is connected,” said Todd Johnson, VP of Emerging Technology, RhythmOne. “Advanced TV is now an integral component of linear TV and digital ad campaigns to maximize reach and boost campaign performance. While person-level measurement has historically been a challenge for the TV industry, we’re proud to introduce a solution that addresses this critical issue. Our Advanced TV Audience Guarantee assures marketers that they are only paying for the impressions that reach their desired targets.”

According to comScore’s most recent “State of OTT” report,(3) the OTT market is steadily growing, with 8.8 million more OTT viewing households coming online over the past year – an increase of 17% year-over-year (YOY). Time spent streaming is also up 28% YOY, with households averaging 54 hours per month of streaming.

This increase in OTT households and streaming has likely fueled the growth of advanced TV advertising and digital video monetization overall. According to eMarketer’s latest projections, US digital video ad spending will climb to $29.6 billion by 2022 – an increase of 65% compared to 2018’s spending projection ($17.9 billion).

“As a leader in the measurement space, comScore has proudly developed a new model to accommodate the complexities of cross-platform advertising – especially for high-growth media like OTT advertising,” said Felix Hansen, Vice President of Product at comScore. “We are pleased to serve as the source of truth for cross-platform campaigns – and work with companies like RhythmOne – to help marketers more effectively measure their total audience and maximize their campaign efforts.”

The RhythmOne Advanced TV Audience Guarantee offers marketers and media buyers the following benefits:

  • In-target audience delivery at scale. RhythmOne helps brands connect with intended ages and genders. The platform optimizes impression delivery to target digital TV audiences across its controlled and partnered supply.
  • Reach and frequency insights. Metrics include how many unique individuals a brand has reached and how often within a campaign.
  • Person-level viewership in households. Measurement accounts for all viewers in a room with co-viewing calibration from comScore, delivering a complete view of the total audience exposed to a brand’s video.

RhythmOne acquired advanced TV and digital video pioneer YuMe earlier this year. This new offering adds to RhythmOne’s robust set of advanced TV measurement solutions, including Nielsen Audience Composition, Placed In-Store Attribution, comScore Tune-In, and Nielsen Catalina Closed Loop ROI Measurement.

(1) RhythmOne guarantees delivery as measured against comScore’s cross-platform measurement, optimizing impression delivery on a weekly basis in order to fulfill purchased impressions before the end of campaign flight. To fulfill guarantees, RhythmOne will apply [Delivered Audience Impression composition %] x [RhythmOne count OR CTV certified ad server impression count] to determine billable in-demo impression count. While we do not anticipate that a guarantee will not be met, should final billable in-demo impression count calculation demonstrate that we have not met the guaranteed in-demo impression count during the pre-determined campaign flight period, RhythmOne will not bill for the under-delivered impressions.
(2) Subject to certain terms and conditions
(3) Source: comScore OTT Intelligence, US April 2018