PeerLogix and FourthWall Media unify linear and streaming TV audiences

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018
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PeerLogix and FourthWall Media® Partner to Unify Linear and Streaming TV Audiences

  • Linear and Over-the-Top (OTT) television measurement innovators combine viewership data pools on over 25MM households to power unique analysis and activation opportunities

NEW YORK and DULLES, Va. — PeerLogix, Inc. (OTC: LOGX), the go-to audience discovery platform for the evolving OTT/streaming TV ecosystem, and FourthWall Media®, the largest independent source of cable set-top box viewing and analytics data, announce today the launch of a powerful new data asset combining both streaming and linear TV viewing at the household level. Ideal for programmers, researchers and media buyers, the new data pool can be used for analytics, audience insights and digital campaign targeting. Available via FourthWall’s Reveal analytics platform and industry leading DMPs, the resulting audience segments will offer a powerful, unified view of traditional, online, and connected TV viewing behavior.

“Our second-by-second linear viewing data provides marketers, programmers and agencies unparalleled insights into the ads, programs and networks people are watching,” says Tim Peters, CEO of FourthWall Media. “By partnering with PeerLogix and gaining access to their wealth of streaming viewership data, we’re completing the video ecosystem picture. The media industry can see unified audiences as a whole, getting us one step closer to a 360 degree view of consumers’ interaction with video content,” adds Peters.

Leveraging each company’s patented, privacy-compliant collection and matching technologies, the blended data set audiences represent approximately 25 million homes in North America, and empowers interested television ecosystem members to:

  • Digitally retarget combined streaming and linear program and ad viewing audiences
  • Optimize advertising campaigns and attribution models
  • Measure campaign performance on linear vs streaming programs
  • Understand viewing behaviors and trends across all devices
  • Gain behavioral insights into any given target audience

Today, U.S. advertisers spend over $80 billion annually on combined streaming and linear television advertising, without a viable, census-level method to accurately measure the collective audience. This new partnership offers programmers, agencies and advertisers unique tools to analyze, plan and optimize their programming and advertising strategies cohesively, across a fragmented landscape.

“We are extremely excited to partner with FourthWall Media and support their move to integrate streaming viewership data,” explains PeerLogix CEO, Ray Colwell. “As a leader in the entertainment audience insight space, FouthWall’s desire to combine streaming data with five-years’ worth of linear viewership data validates the undeniable importance of OTT in understanding the complete picture of the modern television audience.”

This powerful data asset can also be linked to additional first party data sets, like an advertiser’s CRM data, or third party data. The resulting audience segments can be activated through various DMPs for precise targeting and optimization.