J:COM selects Verimatrix for business intelligence insights

Thursday, January 10th, 2019
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Japan’s Largest MSO Uses Verspective Intelligence to Monitor Performance of
VOD Service Offerings

SAN DIEGO — Verimatrix, a specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for network-connected devices and services, today announced that Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (J:COM) has selected Verspective™ Intelligence to tap into the benefits of powerful business intelligence capabilities. The solution’s dashboards and visualization tools enable J:COM to make informed decisions about audiences, content, consumption, and overall service performance.

J:COM specifically selected Verspective Intelligence, the latest development to the Verspective™ Analytics solution suite, to generate usage reporting and analysis for its VOD services, providing a 360-degree view of networks and devices used by more than 3.8 million subscribers across Japan. This enables J:COM to maximize network performance and optimize subscriber experience in order to further monetize services.

“In order to maintain our position in a constantly changing environment, it is imperative for J:COM to fully capitalize on new opportunities to better understand our subscribers,” said J:COM General Manager, Technology Operation Division, Naoki Kobayashi. “Verspective Intelligence provides the intel we need to stay alert of the performance of our VOD content and the impact of marketing efforts. It also gives us the option to determine potential network inefficiencies and subscriber viewing habits. By helping us better understand our content performance, Verspective Intelligence unlocks actionable opportunities to adapt our service offerings in order to constantly stay in stride with our audiences’ viewing experience expectations.”

Verspective Intelligence extracts data from delivery systems regarding VOD content to enable data analysis and reporting of system and content performance. Because the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) analytics platform will be deployed via the Verimatrix Secure Cloud, it also reduces capital and operating expenditures. The platform can also be enhanced to collect and normalize data from subscriber devices in the future by leveraging the Verspective™ RT data collection solution. This would enable a more precise method of segmenting the subscriber audience based on how they engage with the service so J:COM can more effectively address potential problems and uncover upsell opportunities.

Concurrent Content Solutions Corporation (CCSC) is taking on the role of system integrator for the project together with Verimatrix, specifically because of the company’s existing knowledge and experience with the VOD and BackOffice system at J:COM. CCSC is a reseller of the Verspective suite of solutions.

“The challenge with the way today’s video service providers are managing data is that they are isolating such rich information in silos, making it so that no clear conclusions can be made on how to improve the business,” said Verimatrix President Steve Oetegenn. “Our Verspective Analytics platform bridges the gap by putting data and analytics at the heart of the decision-making process, establishing a common database with unprecedented visibility. We are very excited to see how J:COM, a market leader for the APAC region, will use these insights to continually enhance its VOD services.”