dataxu debuts TotalTV Marketplace advanced TV inventory pool

Thursday, February 28th, 2019
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dataxu debuts TotalTV Marketplace, the world’s largest pool of advanced TV inventory

  • New Marketplace, 1,250% YOY increase, Inventory Packages cement dataxu’s TV commitment

BOSTON MA. — dataxu, a leading provider of programmatic marketing software for marketing and media professionals, announced today its TotalTV™ Marketplace, the largest curated advanced TV (ATV) inventory marketplace available. With the TotalTV Marketplace, agencies and marketers can now reach any strategic audience at scale and identify key viewers on a one-to-one basis across channels and platforms on dataxu’s self-service DSP TouchPoint™. As part of the TotalTV Marketplace, dataxu sees more than 40 million unique connected TV (CTV) households in North America a month.

dataxu saw a 1,250 percent increase in CTV inventory supply from Q4 2017 to Q4 2018, along with a 641 percent increase in advertisers running CTV campaigns. This spans tentpole events, live action sports, and traditional broadcast and cable inventory, from the widely-viewed to the niche. As part of dataxu’s TotalTV offering, the Marketplace provides access to more than 50 publishers, hundreds of deals and 700 apps. It is currently used by dataxu’s global customers across linear, connected and addressable TV buys to find new and existing customers wherever they consume TV content.

“With the industry’s concerns around declining viewership, it often gets lost in the shuffle that people are still watching as much TV as ever—they’re just not watching it on traditional linear platforms,” said Aaron Kechley, President, Platform at dataxu. “The value of targeting strategic audiences on OTT devices at scale is paying off for marketers looking to augment their linear TV buys and provides a safe haven from the uncertainty of buying against user-generated content on social media.”

An established leader in advanced TV buying, planning and optimizing, dataxu has carefully curated the TotalTV Marketplace to ensure marketing messages show in desired OTT environments. Like any dataxu offering, all campaigns are quality assured and protected from fraud by dataxu’s fraud prevention tech and fraud free guarantee.

dataxu is also rolling out its latest tool to make buying advanced TV effortless: Inventory Packages. A new way for marketers and their agencies to simply and accurately buy TV on TouchPoint, these Inventory Packages group similar inventory sources to make meeting strategic goals as easy as checking a box. The first wave of Inventory Packages include:

  • Long Form CTV: Long form, full episode TV content, including traditional linear TV shows and movies from television networks as well as digital-based content providers. This package includes both live and video-on-demand (VOD) content.
  • Mobile and Desktop FEP: Full episode content streamed on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Live TV: All livestreaming TV content on CTV, mobile and desktop devices.
  • Sports: All sports content, live and VOD, on CTV, mobile, and desktop devices.
  • Short Form CTV: Short form content that runs on Connected Television devices. Short form CTV content includes sports highlights, recipe clips, music videos, news briefs and more.

Inventory Packages will be available this quarter.

“TV advertising remains one of the most powerful ways to reach consumers, no question,” said Sandro Catanzaro, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, dataxu. “But the current fragmented landscape poses a new challenge to marketers looking to reach specific audiences wherever they view. With the TotalTV Marketplace, marketers can find these audiences no matter where they’re watching, to the tune of more than 40 million North American households currently seen by dataxu.”