Dreampark Commits to SVG Standard for Optimized Speed and Performance

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
Dreampark logo

NORRKÖPING, Sweden — Dreampark, a leading provider of IPTV middleware, announced today that it is fully committed to the new SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) standard for its ability to optimize the speed and performance of IPTV services.

Initial tests by Dreampark have shown that SVG, which is slowly being adopted by IPTV set-top box vendors, brings dramatic improvements to the perceived response times and speed on the client. It also brings a solution to the challenge of visualizing graphics in HD resolution without compromising speed. Dreampark will adapt to SVG in a manner so that the Dreampark independence towards vendors of set-top boxes is protected. Dreampark’s Dreamgallery™ middleware will keep its capability to work simultaneously on a number of different set-top boxes in a network.

Dreamgallery has become the most deployed IPTV middleware in Europe because of its tremendous flexibility and broad support for other components in the IPTV ecosystem. An operator running the Dreamgallery software may not only freely chose among a wide range of DRM systems, VOD servers and set-top boxes (which may also co-exist within one single network), they may also add new advanced features to the system with short time-to-market and without having to involve Dreampark in the process. Many operators witness that changes made within a few minutes using the Dreamgallery administration interfaces could require a sixmonth upgrade project by some middleware vendors using proprietary native technology.

“Combining the flexibility and the openness of Dreamgallery with the extraordinary GUI possibilities brought by SVG will be absolutely poisonous to Dreampark competitors,” says Magnus Persson, sales director of Dreampark.

“SVG will bring the browser technology to a new level, our tests have shown it. We aim at doing HD graphics with better performance than native clients do SD graphics today,” says Björn Lang, CTO of Dreampark. “Vendors of proprietary native middleware should now have a really strong reason to re-think their platform strategies. With SVG boosting the performance of browsers I can no longer see any real reasons to stick to static and maintenance-intensive native clients.”