Admongrel TV analytics selected by Fox Networks in Turkey

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019 
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Fox Networks Group chooses Admongrel for Addressable TV and TV Analytics Development

Fox Networks chose Admongrel as their strategic partner to deliver innovative services in the connected TV market for all of its channels managed delivered from Turkey. The TR market currently has, near 2.5 million connected homes (TUYAD 12/19).

Admongrel’s Analytics and Insights service will be developed to gain more detailed understanding of Fox TV’s audience in real time, enabling Fox to react quickly and make appropriate changes to programming to best serve its customers. The unique insights the service brings will provide actionable data to enhance scheduling decisions.

Admongrel also provides it’s TV Analytics product for other premium channels. The service helps Fox to understand viewer habits and manage its schedule according to the viewer consumption. This will have an impact to programming decisions and help manage the churn of the subscribers.

The service has already had an impact on the business workflows. The real time nature and accuracy of the information means that Fox can make decisions much faster and with greater confidence. Atila Madakbas, Founding partner of Admongrel ‘We are honoured to be working with the Fox team and driving innovation in the Addressable TV sector’

Admongrel is a Connected TV company based in London and Istanbul it currently delivers innovative services into over 100 TV channels.

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