Ampersand launches improved solution for multiscreen TV campaign measurement

Thursday, September 16th, 2021 
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Ampersand’s Total TV Measurement Solution Offers Advertisers Insight Across Their Entire Multiscreen TV Investments

  • Ampersand offers advertisers a new and improved tool for groundbreaking, multiscreen television campaign measurement to better manage reach and frequency across all TV.

NEW YORK — Ampersand, the audience-first TV advertising sales, data and technology company, announced today the availability of its Total TV Measurement solution for advertisers and agencies. This new capability allows Ampersand to offer brands as well as local advertisers the ability to unify and consolidate the measurement of audience-based media delivery across all of their TV investment channels – including network, spot and addressable– and activate across Ampersand’s full footprint of multiscreen TV supply.

Against the backdrop of today’s fragmented television marketplace in which viewers access programming in live and time shifted environments, and on a variety of screens, it is increasingly difficult for brands and agencies to measure de-duplicated reach and frequency across the entirety of their multiscreen TV investments. As a result, brands struggle to holistically understand whether their target audience is being underserved or overserved. Ampersand’s Total TV Measurement solution is designed to close this knowledge gap, and drive insights to allow brands to optimize the performance of their TV investments.

For brands, Ampersand’s Total TV insights – derived from using aggregated data from 40 million set top box households, and with a commitment to protecting personal information –empowers advertisers with a true understanding of de-duplicated reach of their total multiscreen TV investments. This understanding unlocks the ability for brands to identify new reach opportunities across the full breadth of their network, cable and addressable TV campaigns. Unlike other standalone measurement solutions, Ampersand can then activate on the de-duplicated reach insight with media solutions that solve for incremental reach needs across all screens to re-balance their investment.

“Ampersand’s Total TV measurement has empowered RPA and our clients with access to multi-screen insights, which was not possible before,” said Brian McCord, Senior Vice President, Executive Director of Media Strategy at RPA, a Santa Monica-based advertising agency. “The learnings have been instrumental to our strategic planning team, enabling them to plan the most effective and efficient campaigns that drive real business outcomes for our clients. RPA uses this tool to navigate planning across all TV to ensure we understand the unique viewership of our target audience and can collaborate with our investment teams accordingly.”

For local advertisers, Ampersand now also offers reach, frequency and spend insights against their local broadcast investments. With the breadth and scale of the unique data set powering Ampersand’s Total TV Measurement solution, local advertisers can also understand how brand audiences are being delivered across all local TV inventory and decision on how to effectively re-balance spend allocation across broadcast and cable. Analyzing de-duplicated reach for a market level campaign across all three channels provides powerful insights to local advertisers to increase reach and frequency at the optimal level.

“One of the biggest pain points for CMOs in today’s fragmented TV landscape lies in the difficulty of frequency management in service of a more efficient multiscreen TV investment strategy,” said Ampersand President Andrew Ward. “We are excited to offer our Total TV analytics and measurement package to help advertisers finally understand who they are underserving or overserving across their multiscreen TV investment.”

Ampersand’s Total TV Measurement solution is available today as a managed service and will soon be available on Ampersand’s AND Platform. The AND Platform is the first advanced buy-side TV platform to centralize campaign planning, buying and measurement within a single interface, supporting local, addressable and national TV investment strategies.

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