Unified Streaming enables dynamic ad insertion for Molotov

Thursday, December 10th, 2020
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Molotov extends its relationship with Unified Streaming to enable AVOD

AMSTERDAM – Molotov, the leading French OTT provider, has extended its relationship with Unified Streaming, an innovator in smart video streaming technologies, to enable dynamic ad insertion across its VOD content.

The companies began working together in 2015 when Molotov adopted Unified Streaming’s Origin service. This extension sees the addition of its innovative Remix technology, a playlist-based system that allows on-the-fly and targeted editing of video streams, across Molotov’s new Mango brand for documentary and children’s programming. The main benefit to Molotov is the addition of dynamic ad insertion (DAI), which is enabled through Unified Streaming’s integration with Ad Insertion Platform.

Clement Cezard, Chief Business Development Officer at Molotov said: “Mango is the first free-to-air AVOD service in France and sets a new benchmark for the way content is monetized and distributed, while cementing Molotov’s position as a leading content aggregator. Thanks to Unified Remix’s dynamic playlist technology, along with Ad Insertion Platform, we are able to deliver a best-in-class OTT service to our 13 million registered users and welcome AVOD offerings from new publishers.”

Mango comes pre-loaded with premium content from the likes of Kabillion, Zylo, ACI, FIP, ZED, Ampersand, Sonar, ITV, Mediawan, Trade Media & Dynamic, and Crome Films, with Sony Pictures, Endemol, Lions Gate and Wild Bunch libraries set to follow.

Unified Remix’s dynamic playlist solution allows broadcasters, operators and streaming providers to be much more flexible in the way they deliver video. By working with playlists, as opposed to video files, they are able to manage streams on the fly, via their own CMS, and make the OTT experience more relevant to the end viewer in a more efficient way.

Simon Westbroek, VP Global Sales at Unified Streaming, said: “Molotov’s forward-thinking strategy sets a benchmark for other OTT platforms and we’re delighted that they continue to place their trust in Unified Streaming. Remix’s playlist technology provides Molotov with highly dynamic streams and new monetization opportunities that ensure they are well equipped for future advancements in streaming, without having to re-encode their extensive video library.”

Laurent Potesta, CEO at Ad Insertion Platform, said: “Global AVOD spending is expected to double by 2025 and streaming providers must act now to make sure they have the right infrastructure in place to capitalize on the opportunity. Through its work with Unified Streaming and Ad Insertion Platform, Molotov has built a platform that can maximise advertising opportunities today and in the future.”