M2A Media to debut encoder-based ad insertion at 2023 NAB Show

Monday, March 27th, 2023 
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M2A Media Will Debut EBAM – Encoder-Based Ad Manipulation – at 2023 NAB Show

  • Live Video Experts to Showcase Latest Cloud Innovations in Las Vegas

LONDON — M2A Media, leading experts in cloud-based live video solutions, today announced that it will launch its latest product feature, encoder-based ad manipulation (EBAM), at the 2023 NAB Show.

M2A Media developed EBAM specifically to meet the needs of global OTT broadcasters who are seeking to increase and diversify advertising revenue. Using EBAM, broadcasters can now design powerful, multilayered advertising strategies. Using a combination of Event Signaling and Management (ESAM) and the Placement Opportunity Information Service (POIS), M2A’s EBAM feature handles SCTE-35 and SCTE-224 messaging to insert advertising content at the encoder side of a live video workflow. OTT broadcasters can use EBAM in addition to or instead of M2A’s server-side ad-insertion features: Dynamic Content Insertion and Dynamic Ad Insertion.

Until now, the traditional approach for creating regionalized and monetizable broadcasts involved setting up additional playout systems and operations teams. With the introduction of EBAM, M2A Media offers smart automation that enables regionalized outputs in a matter of minutes. EBAM not only provides regular content replacement during a live broadcast but adds additional capabilities, such as overlays.

Based on SCTE-224 playlists, EBAM provides a content planning structure that can be updated on the fly or in advance of a live broadcast, and the combination of SCTE-35 markers with ESAM and POIS means that traditional playout functionality is now available downstream of contribution and distribution workflows.

M2A Media will also release the latest version of its direct-to-consumer live streaming platform, M2A LIVE, at the 2023 NAB Show. M2A LIVE is trusted by major broadcasters to deliver reliable, low-latency live streams of the highest quality to viewers worldwide across any device using the flexibility and scale of the AWS cloud. Through the intuitive M2A console, M2A LIVE automates and orchestrates complex live event schedules, regularly delivering over 4 million concurrent plays and streaming billions of hours each year. Customers also enjoy cost optimization via M2A LIVE’s pay-as-you-go model and the ability to scale resources and tailor features depending on demand.

In addition to EBAM, the latest M2A LIVE innovations include harmonized management of AWS Elemental’s MediaPackage and Unified Streaming’s Unified Origin technologies, along with new product features for slate insertion and management and live graphics insertion. M2A will also introduce a new time delay service for broadcast ingest, enabling customers to manage and deliver +1 channels and anti-cheat streams for gaming and esports.

On the show floor in Booth W2654, M2A will demonstrate M2A CONNECT, its feature-rich product for scalable video aggregation and distribution. M2A CONNECT helps media organizations to easily orchestrate event-based or continuous acquisition and distribution through the AWS cloud. The solution efficiently acquires live feeds from the source and pushes them to air or distributes them from rights owners to takers, reducing the need for physical hand-off points.

By harnessing the inherent flexibility of the cloud, M2A CONNECT eliminates the pain of hitting bandwidth capacity moments before an event or hurriedly extending costly satellite space by phone. Broadcasters can tune capacity on demand, add or remove redundancy, and change feed routing rapidly through M2A’s API or through the M2A console. M2A CONNECT tailors resources to specific needs by the minute, thereby making operations more responsive and reducing spend and waste.

EBAM is available as an add-on feature via both M2A LIVE and M2A CONNECT.

“We are very excited to be launching this game-changing new feature at NAB Show 2023. Another example of the innovations that are possible through hybrid-to-cloud technologies, the benefits EBAM brings are significant,” said Matt Hughes, chief commercial officer, M2A Media. “Not only is EBAM frame-accurate, cost-effective, and energy-efficient, it is perfect for high-value global advertising use cases. We’re looking forward to meeting with broadcasters at the show to explain more.”

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