Ampersand automates addressable TV functionality for buyers

Wednesday, January 4th, 2023 
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Ampersand Announces Automation of Addressable TV Functionality for Buyers

  • Update significantly improves the speed of TV planning and buying across 70 percent of all addressable US households

NEW YORK — Ampersand, the audience-first TV advertising sales company, today announced an automated addressable TV functionality to streamline workflow between buyers and sellers within their footprint. Fueled by aggregated data, and with a commitment to protecting personal information, this new enhancement automates the planning of addressable campaigns across Ampersand’s supply partners — including Charter Communications, Comcast, Cox, Altice and Verizon, which represent over 70 percent of U.S. addressable households.

By standardizing and automating a multitude of steps, the advancement increases the speed of execution for addressable TV inventory across Ampersand’s vast supply partners. Now, clients can go from audience creation to planning and buying faster — all without sacrificing targeted brand safety specifications and measurement capabilities.

“Advertisers spent over $2 billion domestically on addressable TV ads over the past few years and are expected to double their spending by the end of 2023,” said Kalyan Lanka, VP of Product Management for Ampersand. “By consolidating and streamlining the ability to find custom audiences all in a single interface, we will allow advertisers to reach any audience across any screen, within a highly engaged context”

The inclusion of addressable TV functionality follows the previously announced introduction of Audience Builder capabilities, which democratizes audience creation and household count estimation for self-serve clients. It also builds on top of the introduction of Ampersand’s incremental reach capabilities which allows brands to increase reach by targeting light TV viewers and households that are underexposed or unexposed to their national linear campaigns.

“Ampersand’s scale and ability to reach relevant, precise audiences through a single platform with data-driven results, is an exciting step forward for the TV industry.” said Laura McElhinney, EVP, Chief Data Officer at Horizon. “Horizon’s fully integrated media connected marketing platform, blu., with Ampersand unlocks speed, transparency, and improved data quality for our brands to maximize results.”

The addressable TV functionality will currently benefit all Ampersand clients as part of its dedicated managed service. In the near future, Ampersand will also release a self-service option that allows clients to plan and buy addressable TV directly.

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