Anevia adds full Dynamic Ad Insertion to its OTT offer

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019
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Anevia Adds Full Dynamic Ad Insertion Capabilities to its End-to-End OTT Video-Delivery Offering

GENTILLY — Anevia, a leading provider of OTT and IPTV software solutions, announces the launch of its Dynamic Ad Insertion solution. Anevia’s end-to-end OTT video-delivery offering already included ad-enabling and ad-preparation components. With the addition of ad-stitching and ad-routing capabilities in the Anevia NEA-CDN, the end-to-end video-delivery offering now comes with a complete, pre-integrated DAI solution – reducing the need for testing, and making deployment faster and simpler.

Core components of Anevia’s Dynamic Ad Insertion

A report by the US-based Video Advertising Bureau estimates that 71 per cent of internet users access an OTT service at least once a month, nearly one third of subscribers possessing three or more means of accessing OTT content (an eight-fold increase in just two years). Advertising is estimated to comprise 45 per cent of all online video revenue and is forecast to grow to almost 60 per cent in the next 10 years.*

“We are seeing a major grwoth in demand for dynamic ad insertion facilities right across the OTT video market,” comments Anevia CEO Laurent Lafarge. “Advertisement revenue forms an important element of the OTT funding structure, but content publishers are still experiencing a huge level of waste in the form of valueless advertising. DAI creates an immediate new revenue potential. As an example, TV operators can derive two separate revenue streams from commercials shown on TV and those shown on multiscreen.”

“Anevia has already deployed its DAI solution with five of our customers using our OTT video- delivery infrastructure,” adds Anevia cofounder and CTO Damien Lucas. “We now offer a complete server-side solution that is able to defeat ad blockers and ensure a smooth user experience. It can also prepare ads offline by using the resources made available during low traffic peaks thanks to Anevia’s elastic CDN solution, which can scale down when demand is low.”