ATEME encoding chosen for YouSee and Blockbuster in Denmark

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021
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ATEME Chosen To Power Encoding For Nuuday’s Live And File Platforms

  • ATEME’s TITAN solutions enhance video quality for more than 1M viewers across Denmark

PARIS, DENVER, SINGAPORE, SYDNEY — ATEME, the leader in video delivery solutions for broadcast, cable TV, DTH, IPTV and OTT, has announced Nuuday, a Danish company providing TV and VoD services as part of the TDC Group, has adopted its TITAN range of solutions to enhance the experience it offers to viewers across Denmark.

Serving more than 1 million viewers through its brands YouSee, which provides viewers with 100 linear channels and VoD services, and Blockbuster, which offers an extensive VoD catalog, Nuuday required a video encoding solution that would improve video quality and futureproof its workflows. To achieve this, Nuuday implemented ATEME’s TITAN software solutions for both live and file applications.

To cater to Nuuday’s extensive service offering, ATEME’s TITAN Live solution is being used to deliver IPTV and OTT video, while it is being used in conjunction with TITAN Mux (statmux) for Digival Video Broadcasting – Cable – with monitoring and control provided by AMSW. ATEME’s TITAN Live encoder provides viewers with unparalleled picture quality on any device across all YouSee and Blockbuster services. Meanwhile, the versatility of the encoder gives Nuuday the flexibility to adapt to new market needs. Nuuday has also adopted ATEME’s TITAN File microservices application for its VoD services.

ATEME’s TITAN range of solutions offers Nuuday several substantial benefits:

  • Enhanced picture quality: The performance and efficiency of TITAN Live and File enable Nuuday to continue providing the best picture quality to its viewers.
  • The latest technology: Access to new technology such as SMPTE 2110, CQR, HEVC, CMAF and HDR support, for use both now and to futureproof its workflows.
  • A flexible commercial model: Access to the TITAN portfolio to achieve growth in both its linear and VoD offerings from mobile to 4K resolutions, whilst maintaining control of expenditures.

Peter Bukhave Hansen, SVP Tribe Lead Entertainment, Nuuday, commented, “Our focus is delivering the best entertainment services to our customers. When renewing our compression platforms, we will always look for the solutions providing the best picture quality to enhance the experience for our customers. Second to quality we look for a vendor’s ability to adapt to new technology in this fast-changing market. ATEME and its versatile TITAN encoding platform provides us with the key items we look for in a technology partner and we are looking forward to continued collaboration.”

Katrine Finstad, Sales Director, ATEME, said, “Nuuday was looking for a video encoding solution that would not only provide the best viewing experience for its service offering, but also had the technical toolbox to update workflows in the future. Our TITAN Live encoder out-performed all others in picture quality assessments and with Anevia technology now providing further improvements, we are able to provide a best-of-breed solution for tomorrow, today. Nuuday is one of Scandinavia’s largest service providers and we are proud to be chosen to power the encoding on its live and file platforms.”