FOXTEL Announces Official Launch Of HD+ Service

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

FOXTEL today announced it would officially launch its much anticipated FOXTEL HD+ service on Sunday, June 22 and confirmed more than 15,000 FOXTEL subscribing homes have already upgraded to FOXTEL HD+ and the FOXTEL iQ2 set-top-unit.

To celebrate the official launch of FOXTEL HD+, Sunday’s World Cup Qualifier between Australia and China will be broadcast in High Definition for the first time on FOX SPORTS HD (CH 205) from 6.00pm (AEST).

FOXTEL will also launch a comprehensive and emotive television, print, radio and online marketing campaign, titled “Wonders will never cease” commencing Sunday, June 22.

The “Wonders will never cease” marketing campaign celebrates the launch of FOXTEL HD+ as the next great milestone in Australian television history. The creative concept explores how television has been an exciting and ever-evolving integral part of Australian lives throughout the past 50 years.

The television spot celebrates Australian entertainment history with the commencement of television, the transition to colour TV, the first remote control, watching a video at home, the move to DVDs, the birth of subscription television and introduction of FOXTEL’s innovative products including the FOXTEL iQ and the new FOXTEL iQ2.

The “Wonders will never cease” television campaign will include a further three spots describing the key benefits of FOXTEL HD+ – the exclusive programming, easy to use technology, and excellent customer care.

The campaign will also be adapted for print, radio, online and cinema applications.

FOXTEL Chief Executive and Managing Director Kim Williams AM said: “FOXTEL aims to be true to the concept that ‘Wonders will never cease’ and the new FOXTEL HD+ High Definition television service truly embodies this.”

“The launch of FOXTEL HD+, and the remarkable FOXTEL iQ2 which powers it, is a significant event for Australian television and FOXTEL.

“Over the past 12 years FOXTEL has been a central agent of change and evolution in the Australian television experience and the FOXTEL HD+ service and FOXTEL iQ2 are remarkable additions to the wondrous story of TV in Australia.

“We’ve already seen extremely strong take up of FOXTEL HD+ and the FOXTEL iQ2 with more than 15,000 of our subscribers upgrading to the new service since it was made available to them in the past few weeks.”

With stunningly beautiful HD pictures and immersive surround sound, FOXTEL HD+ will raise the benchmark in quality television by delivering exclusive programming, easy to use technology, and excellent customer care:

  • The widest possible choice of High Definition programs with five dedicated 24/7 HD channels BBC HD, Discovery HD, National Geographic Channel HD, FOX SPORTS HD and ESPN HD;
  • Australian television premiere blockbuster movies available immediately when you want them through the FOXTEL Box Office HD On Demand service;
  • Innovative technology through the new FOXTEL iQ2 disk drive set-top-unit; and
  • An unparalleled level of customer service and support, including a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on the FOXTEL iQ2.

FOXTEL Executive Director of Content, Product Development and Delivery, Patrick Delany said: “FOXTEL HD+ is a quality product supported by an exceptional body of content partners who are providing our subscribers with world-class HD programming.”

“The initial offering of FOXTEL HD+ programming includes sport, documentaries and entertainment – a channel line-up which will expand as time progresses reinforcing the FOXTEL proposition of consumer choice. FOXTEL will further grow this initial offering to include packages for full HD+ coverage of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

“The wide selection of FOXTEL HD+ content is accessed via the reliable functionality and intuitive interface of FOXTEL’s iQ2 set-top-unit. The iQ2 combined with FOXTEL’s great Electronic Program Guide makes time shifting TV to suit the viewer very simple. FOXTEL iQ2 is the ultimate product for personalised entertainment.

“Recording two shows at once, pausing live TV and Series Link are just some of the great features available through the iQ. The iQ2 has all these features plus a 320GB disk drive, will have future capabilities to record two shows and watch a third show live, a broadband connection to make it “future proof”, and displays crystal clear, amazingly detailed, High Definition pictures.

“Once subscribed to FOXTEL HD+, FOXTEL provides a lifetime warranty on the iQ2, as well as ongoing service and support for subscribers through FOXTEL’s Customer Call Centre.”