Sabio launches Advanced TV solution

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019
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Sabio’s App Science® TV Utilizes Its Award-Winning Platform To Reach Connected TV viewers

LOS ANGELES — Sabio, the technology and media company behind App Science®, today announced the launch of App Science® TV, the company’s advanced TV solution. Sabio’s AppScience Graph® approach brings a new level of insights to the TV landscape.

Apps are at the epicenter of the digital landscape and today’s connected consumers use those apps not only on mobile, but also to access connected TV content. Sabio’s proprietary App Science® platform was developed to analyze the app ecosystem, locations, and other consumer behaviors from over 300MM mobile devices to gain deeper insights about an individual’s interests, affinities, and life stage. Sabio’s holistic approach to building custom audiences through app intelligence is applied to CTV, as they are now able to apply their mobile expertise to the connected household by matching device IDs to the household level through App Science®. Helen Lum, Sabio’s SVP of Operations, added that the company “will provide greater relevancy by using its proprietary technology to improve targeting.”

Sabio’s addition of Advanced TV to their offering was not a decision based on industry trends. The executive team has a combined 40 years of experience at media companies such as FOX, NBC, and Telemundo. Aziz Rahim, CEO of Sabio, strongly believes the industry is ready for Sabio’s new two-pronged approach: “After spending years in TV advertising along with an equal amount of time in mobile, the time is right for the two worlds to converge in order to bring a greater level of insights across both platforms.”

Joe Camacho, Sabio’s CMO, says “App Science® TV represents an unprecedented opportunity for brands to utilize the power of data to serve highly-targeted ad units on both TV and mobile formats to improve campaign performance and ROI.”