MediaMath bidding infrastructure to integrate LiveRamp identities

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019
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MediaMath and LiveRamp Announce Partnership; SOURCE by MediaMath to Integrate LiveRamp IdentityLink

  • Partnership is a Fast Follow to Launch of SOURCE by MediaMath that Commits to Drive Fully Accountable and Addressable Digital Media Supply Chain by 2020

NEW YORK — Following the launch of SOURCE by MediaMath, acclaimed independent programmatic company for marketers, MediaMath, today announced a partnership with LiveRamp® (NYSE: RAMP), the trusted platform that makes data accessible and meaningful. LiveRamp’s IdentityLink (IDL) will be integrated into MediaMath’s bidding infrastructure through SOURCE, providing marketers a best in class experience for targeting and measurement. The partnership is a significant leap forward in forging a truly accountable and addressable ecosystem.

As part of SOURCE, MediaMath will utilize IDL to bid on advertising inventory across display, mobile, and Connected TV (CTV). The partnership will enhance MediaMath’s ability to link devices to users in an anonymous, privacy-compliant manner, and will deepen a marketer’s ability to deliver relevant ads and an improved user experience due to higher match rates.

“Our clients and partners want full addressability including the best ID resolution that prioritizes privacy across all screens,” said Jeremy Steinberg, Global Head of Ecosystem, MediaMath. “We’re taking an open approach to providing the best identity solutions available in market today. We’re excited to partner with LiveRamp and continue development of capabilities that require consistent identity across platforms.”

The partnership improves all the major components of addressability, including:

  • Elimination of Data Loss During Delivery: The integration ensures high levels of data fidelity from on-boarding from brands, agencies, and DMPs, improving brands’ ability to address their customer base by minimizing data loss across the tech stack, and increasing match and scale with data contributors.
  • Increased Recognition: IDL, an anonymous people-based identifier, offers MediaMath a scaled identifier for transactions. This further informs MediaMath’s market-leading Identity solution, ConnectedID (CID), by increasing audience recognition and reach to provide even more opportunities for biddable impressions.
  • Access to “Cookieless” Inventory: LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) is a privacy-first and transparent solution rooted in user authentication with publishers. It delivers end-to-end addressability for inventory in cookieless environments across the open internet.
  • Neutral and Transparent Measurement: Every impression bought with IDL can be measured on IDL. MediaMath and LiveRamp will collaborate to make IDL-enabled exposure logs available for brands to access transparent, independent measurement.

“As the cookieless share of ad inventory grows and privacy regulation evolves, addressability is the silver bullet for brands and advertisers that wish to deliver premium consumer experiences in a privacy-first way,” said Travis Clinger, vice president of strategic partnerships at LiveRamp. “Our ATS solution, along with IDL, are deliberately built to evolve with the future of digital marketing, and our partnership to combine IdentityLink and SOURCE reinforces our commitment to creating an addressable, open, independent and collaborative ecosystem.”

MediaMath and LiveRamp will continue collaboration to produce thought leadership on improving the consumer experience and respecting consumer privacy, further strengthening both our own practices and industry self-regulatory codes, and advocating for robust federal law. MediaMath is active in industry efforts through Privacy for America to propose legislative solutions to Congress for modernizing privacy law and both are active on industry self-regulatory bodies.

The news follows MediaMath’s announcement earlier this month of SOURCE by MediaMath, a platform bound by values, respect for people’s data, and a commitment to delivering transparent, accountable and addressable advertising to reach real people on real media.

LiveRamp joins other SOURCE partners including Rubicon Project, Telaria, Acoustic, Akamai, Business Insider, Crackle Plus, Havas Media, IBM Watson, Inscape/Vizio, IRIS.TV, News Corp, Octopus Interactive, Oracle Data Cloud, Publishers Clearing House and White Ops.