Switch Media's server-side ad insertion integrated with SpringServe's ad platform

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020
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Switch Media Partners with SpringServe to Enable Effective OTT Monetization

  • Companies announce ad technology collaboration that increases flexibility and addressable advertising using a centralized solution

SYDNEY, Australia — Switch Media, a world leader in online video technology, has partnered with SpringServe, a leading US-based independent ad platform provider whose technology is purpose-built for video and OTT. Switch Media’s server-side ad insertion (SSAI) technology has been fully integrated with SpringServe’s ad platform to provide value-added services to OTT providers.

OTT companies that require dynamic ad insertion (DAI) also need an ad server. DAI enriches the current ad inventory – creating more addressable non-cookie-based advertising opportunities. SpringServe’s advertising platform integrated with Switch Media’s SSAI capability helps content owners to monetize their inventory effectively. Using the combined solution means that no additional time is required to test and validate integration. Users have the flexibility to add new data and features to drive targeting and additional platforms can easily be added using a centralized solution.

“It’s imperative that ad technology companies collaborate to ensure a unified approach that gives advertisers the assurance that their ads are hitting the target,” says Josh Cohen, General Manager of SpringServe. “It is our objective to integrate all of the technology partners in the ecosystem, so that targeting and reporting are completely aligned automatically, without requiring any engineering resources from the client.”

Luke Durham, CTO, Switch Media adds, “We feel that it’s important to find partners who share the same, or similar, views on how the market is evolving. By integrating AdEase with SpringServe’s platform we’ve provided a comprehensive advertising monetization solution. Both of our companies are independent, agile and are more flexible than our larger competitors. Together we can help simplify the monetization of video content.”

Switch Media’s DAI capability enables multi-screen server-side ad insertion for both live and on-demand content, seamlessly stitching ads and content together. This results in a continuous video stream that makes it near impossible for end-users to isolate and block ads. It also enables addressable personalized advertising across individual and household connected devices. These benefits not only maximize revenue but deliver a personalized and seamless advertising experience to viewers, with zero buffering.