NAGRA launches forensic watermarking to protect short content assets

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020
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NAGRA launches NexGuard ClipMark forensic watermarking to protect valuable short content assets

  • Industry-first solution allows content owners and post-production houses to detect any source of pre-release leaks on very short video clips, down to thirty seconds in duration
  • NexGuard ClipMark is a significant milestone in the protection of pre-release assets, such as dailies, proxy deliveries of full features and TV series, as well as trailers
  • Technology can be seamlessly deployed in existing workflows with content owners and post-production houses thanks to partnerships with industry-leading transcoder vendors

CHESEAUX, Switzerland, and PHOENIX, AZ — NAGRA, a Kudelski Group (SIX:KUD.S) company and the world’s leading independent provider of content protection and multiscreen television solutions, announced today the launch of NexGuard ClipMark, the industry’s only forensic watermarking technology designed to detect the source of pre-release content leaks on very short video clips, down to thirty seconds. The launch marks a significant milestone for the movie and TV industry as it enables content owners and post-production houses to supplement existing NexGuard watermarking technologies for pre-release workflows and extend those capabilities to all types of high-value pre-release assets.

“NexGuard ClipMark is a game changer in the fight against pre-release leaks, enabling traceability of short form assets that previous watermarking technologies could not protect,” said Jean-Philippe Plantevin, Vice President Anti-Piracy at NAGRA. “While being very short in duration, most dailies, trailers and scenes extracted from proxy deliveries of full features or TV series are just as valuable as the mezzanine and master files. With NexGuard ClipMark, content owners and post-production houses have an extra tool to actively fight any pre-release leaks.”

NAGRA has partnered with industry-leading transcoder vendors to make NexGuard ClipMark available on premise and in the cloud in transcoder plug-ins. These partnerships ensure the seamless deployment into existing workflows, while leveraging the cloud-based NexGuard Detection Service for fast, highly scalable and fully automated detection of watermarks on any type of assets.

NexGuard ClipMark is the latest addition to the suite of NexGuard forensic watermarking technologies designed to deter and combat leaks during premium content production, post-production, promotion and distribution, including for direct-to-consumer services. It is a key component of NAGRA’s comprehensive line-up of solutions to guard against service and content piracy.