DISH Media and Verizon Media automate addressable advertising

Monday, August 31st, 2020
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DISH Media partners with Verizon Media to automate addressable advertising

  • Verizon Media expands omnichannel footprint in its DSP, further connects linear and digital buying for advertisers

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. — Verizon Media is expanding its omnichannel programmatic platform today, announcing an advanced TV partnership with DISH Media in which Verizon Media’s demand-side platform (DSP) will provide automated access to DISH’s household addressable ad inventory. The deal enables advertisers to access traditional linear channels alongside pure-play CTV/OTT media, including SLING TV, driving meaningful connection and monetization across channels at scale.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, US consumers have increased their time spent with TV. According to eMarketer, consumers now spend 229 minutes per day with TV, an increase of 9.3% year-over-year. To ensure viewers get the most relevant and interesting ads as time spent with TV rises, more TV advertisers are turning to household addressable, using household-level audience data to deliver the best experiences.

“Our full stack omnichannel platform provides advertisers with a diverse set of channels powered by relevant, qualified data, while offering premium publishers and content owners superior monetization and reach capabilities,” said Kelly Liang, SVP, Partnerships at Verizon Media. “Together, our demand and supply-side platforms drive stronger efficiencies, revenue opportunities and enable us to better serve the market as a whole. In partnering with DISH Media, we bring more addressable options, at scale, to the programmatic environment.”

The partnership delivers a host of benefits for advertisers, including quality scale, efficiency and flexibility.

  • Flexibility — Household addressable ad inventory has traditionally been sold on a direct basis. Verizon Media’s partnership with DISH Media introduces enhanced flexibility, automating the execution of addressable inventory, while still having access to the same great inventory and pricing offered by DISH Media on a direct IO basis. Buyers can choose the channel that best meets their needs.
  • Efficiency — As advertisers continue to shift spend from traditional linear TV to digital (CTV/OTT), the Verizon Media DSP brings both inventory types together. Buyers can now access top sources for traditional linear channels alongside pure-play CTV/OTT media, like SLING TV. Advertisers can also drive targeting efficiency, using one segment across household addressable & CTV/OTT inventory. Campaign delivery data within the DSP is updated regularly throughout the campaign, allowing advertisers to monitor their household addressable and CTV delivery in a single place and at any time.
  • Quality Scale — Advertisers are now able to apply the power of Verizon Media’s omnichannel DSP to Verizon Fios and DISH household addressable TV ad inventory, driving additional scale and measurement.

“As linear and digital converge, the ability to connect across channels – from addressable and CTV to DOOH – and buy and manage them alongside one another, is critical,” added Liang. “Success lies within omnichannel at scale – enhancing the consumer experience on every screen.”

“DISH Media is committed to minimizing friction for our partners and driving alignment in the advanced advertising space, which is why we support an open approach defined by flexibility, interoperability and transparency,” said Kevin Arrix, SVP of DISH Media. “Our partnership with Verizon Media drives this open approach forward, offering new ways for brands to participate in an omnivideo environment and to better access addressable advertising’s full potential.”

Verizon Media’s omnichannel DSP gives advertisers access to powerful, qualified data sets and reaches consumers across all channels, including mobile, desktop, video, native, addressable TV, CTV, DOOH, and audio. In adding DISH’s 7 million US households to its programmatic addressable TV ad footprint, the Verizon Media DSP will enable advertisers to buy relevant household addressable ads programmatically across nearly 11 million households, driving greater scale, flexibility and control. DISH inventory will be available by early Q4 2020.