MultiChoice Launches High Definition Television

Friday, July 25th, 2008
MultiChoice logo

MultiChoice today announced the launch of its High-Definition Personal Video Recorder (HD PVR) decoder. The introduction of High Definition television is another milestone achievement for television in South Africa and forms part of MultiChoice’s commitment to bringing the best television experience in the country.

Since its inception, MultiChoice has been at the forefront of transforming the face of television in South Africa through cutting edge technology. The company has brought a number of world firsts into the country, including digital satellite television, interactive television services, Dual View and PVR, to name just a few.

MultiChoice’s Chief Executive Officer Nolo Letele says “We are delighted and extremely proud to launch High Definition television into the South African market. HD television will bring with it detail, vividness and clarity of picture never seen before on our television screens.”

Customers will need an HD PVR decoder and an HD ready television set to view HD content. The Beijing Olympic Games will be the first to broadcast in HD format at the beginning of August. The HD PVR will be made available for this special event, with pre launch software which does not include all the features such as a full suite of interactive applications. These will be available when the MNet HD channel launches at the end of August. The software will be delivered to purchased decoders, via the satellite transmission without any intervention needed from the customer. After this, customers will be able to view Movies, Series and Wildlife in HD format.

The HD PVR decoder will be available in major retail stores from August 2008 and will launch at a special price of only R2 499.00 (for a limited time period).

MultiChoice subscribers will also in the near future, be able to link the HD PVR to their current Dual View PVR to enjoy 3 viewing environments, or link the HD PVR to 1110 decoder to enjoy 2 viewing environments, as part of the XtraView offering. The only additional cost to the monthly subscription fee is R55, which is the amount currently payable on the Dual View service.