Jump and Float Left offer data-driven solution for OTT personalization

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020
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Jump Data-Driven Intelligence and Float Left Join Forces to Offer the Best Data-Driven Solution for OTT Service Personalization

Jump and Float Left announce they will be offering an innovative personalization tool for Flicast – Float Left’s flagship end-to-end OTT solution.

This tool tracks and analyzes content consumption patterns and content similarities in order to provide highly accurate video content recommendations to audiences of digital media services.

This powerful solution will help OTT services optimize user acquisition, retention, engagement, and marketing effectiveness using big data and artificial intelligence.

Flicast is Float Left’s customizable, yet cost-effective OTT solution that drives user engagement through its cross-platform features, video distribution, subscription and billing, advertising, and powerful analytics. Flicast is supported on all major platforms and integrated with various industry leaders, ensuring seamless delivery and exceptional services.
Whether you are a Media Company or Broadcaster launching a direct-to-consumer service or a pay-tv service provider looking for excellence in customer satisfaction and retention, Flicast can help.

What OTT services get with the JUMP Personalizer is a machine learning-powered content recommendation tool that supports video content personalization. After tracking and analyzing user content consumption and content similarity patterns, it will provide highly accurate recommendations to the Flicast client’s customer base.

“Float Left is thrilled to partner with JUMP to create a revolutionary personalization tool for OTT services. A more granular understanding of viewer behavior is critical for providing personalized viewing experiences, and we’re betting big on this initiative as we look to deliver the next generation of OTT services.” – Tom Schaeffer, CEO Float Left

“We are proud of the role we are playing in helping to fuel innovation in the video landscape, in addition to helping OTT services successfully address the challenges associated with becoming data-driven video businesses. We thus help them stay ahead of the competition and better serve their audience. We are fully committed to contributing to the improvement of OTT businesses through the effective use of business data.” Jerónimo Macanás, CEO and Co-founder at Jump, says.

Together, Float Left and Jump are revolutionizing the way OTT platforms deliver their services and collect the data they need to make their entertainment experience unique and their business performance excel.