Kinetiq and MarketCast team up on tune-in TV attribution

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020
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Kinetiq And MarketCast Team Up To Bring Competitive Benchmarking To Tune-In TV Attribution

PHILADELPHIA — MarketCast and Kinetiq have teamed to advance tune-in attribution by combining MarketCast’s advanced data science capabilities with Kinetiq’s comprehensive ad detection covering 1,600 channels in all 210 U.S. DMAs. The combined capabilities produce powerful data-driven insights and empower TV networks with transparent competitive benchmarking to understand tune-in campaign effectiveness for the first time.

“With MarketCast’s ability to use data science to deliver multi-touch attribution and Kinetiq’s robust monitoring capabilities, we are changing the TV attribution game,” said Kevin Kohn, CEO, Kinetiq. “TV networks and marketers now have a single solution that enables them to understand what aspects of their tune-in campaigns are succeeding, attribute real value to conversions, and see how they stack up against their broadcast competitors.”

In the increasingly competitive TV landscape, the introduction of competitive benchmarking to tune-in TV attribution provides a new lens to measure the performance of television campaigns. Kinetiq’s ad monitoring technology is used to detect where and when TV promotions air across networks, delivering viewership impressions. Then, MarketCast applies advanced data science techniques to the Kinetiq data to identify which TV sources should be credited for the tune-in conversion. The combined solution delivers next-day reporting of benchmarking and advanced attribution metrics that allow marketers to optimize their campaigns in response to near real-time information.

“Consumers spend a finite number of minutes in front of the TV with their attention only becoming more fragmented,” said Tom Weiss, Chief Data Scientist, MarketCast. “Teaming up with Kinetiq gives our data scientists a powerful new data set to track where and when every TV promotion appears across channels and networks. Together we can uncover actionable insights with the speed of digital marketing and enable our TV clients to stay ahead of the competition.”

Formed in 2019 with the merger of iQ Media and 4C’s Teletrax, Kinetiq uses fingerprint detection to monitor an extensive ad catalogue and pair household demographics with TV impressions. MarketCast applies a unique combination of traditional market research with advanced data science and analytics to build and nurture fans for TV networks, streaming services, brands and sports leagues. In September, MarketCast acquired Deductive, a team of data scientists applying advanced techniques – including game theory – to TV attribution.