ucfunnel and NetRange enable dynamic ads on Smart TV

Monday, March 15th, 2021
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ucfunnel and NetRange partner to enable dynamic ads across the Smart TV ecosystem

HAMBURG, Germany — ucfunnel, a global Smart Media programmatic solution provider, today announced a new partnership with NetRange MMH GmbH (‘NetRange’), an ACCESS CO., LTD. company and the leading global provider of white-label certified Smart TV ecosystems, to deliver value-added advertisements on NetRange’s portal for Premium Streaming VoD Content.

ucfunnel and NetRange’s exclusive industry-leading partnership builds on MediaTek Smart TV turnkey solutions to integrate the advantages of ucfunnel’s IAB Tech Lab certified OM SDK into NetRange’s portals for Smart TV and MediaTek’s hardware design to serve the needs of premium OEMs. The collaboration provides access to NetRange’s advertising tool, which includes full backend control (removing the requirement for underlying software to change code), customizable ad placement, and ad targeting based on factors such as device, country, brand and more. The integrated solution benefits both premium content providers and media buy sides, creating a seamless user experience by providing a highly visual digital journey on Smart TVs.

Leveraging ucfunnel’s splash ad solution on Connected TV launchers, ucfunnel will showcase NetRange’s CTV inventory, attracting global media buy sides to reallocate media spend on high-impact ad formats exclusively available on Smart TV portals. This year alone, over 10 million Smart TVs will ship with ucfunnel’s marketing automation solution, reaching more than 100 countries across North, Central, and South America, the Asia-Pacific and MENA regions, and the EU and Africa.

ucX, the ad exchange platform powered and developed by ucfunnel, serves 150 billion impressions monthly. The platform meets the growing needs of both media buyers and trade media across the globe by achieving market penetration on an automated system level, intelligently tailoring campaigns to deliver high-impact ad experiences and boosting campaign relevance and stickiness.

“ucfunnel’s Smart Media solution redefines what is possible with Smart TV portals,” said Mr. Michimasa Uematsu, Director, CTO & Senior Managing Executive Officer at ACCESS CO., LTD, NetRange’s Parent Company. Kenny Wu, Head of Smart Media BU at ucfunnel, applauded the strong partnership with ACCESS CO. and NetRange. “We are excited to work with NetRange to deliver and leverage brand images on Smart TV portals through marketing automation.”

The partnership with ACCESS evolves the monetization strategy of NetRange’s portal for Smart TV (powered by MediaTek Smart TV turnkey solutions) by scaling dynamic advertising and increasing interactive user experiences while accessing Premium Streaming VoD Content. Smart TV portals combining Recommendation and e-commerce related services are expected to launch in the coming months, further expanding the reach of ucfunnel’s marketing automation solutions.