Spearad introduces 'selective' programmatic for addressable TV

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021
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Spearad introduces revolutionary ‘Selective Programmatic Advertising’ for Addressable TV

FRANKFURT, Germany — Spearad, a pioneer in addressable TV advertising, introduced “Selective Programmatic” for addressable TV advertising.

Selective Programmatic is a revolution in programmatic advertising for CTV und OTT providers, because broadcasters can view and verify advertising content they receive via programmatic channels. With this, Spearad enables TV-providers to maintain the proven routines and working methods they are used to from linear TV, even across their digital channels.

Traditional programmatic advertising automatically fills an ad slot with an available advertising campaign. The choice of campaign and advertising content usually sits with the media buyer. TV providers and broadcasters have limited possibilities to apply requirements or rules for what advertising content they accept. This does not meet the working methods and advertising requirements applicable to linear TV. The most important aspect is that the TV platforms do not know beforehand which advertising content the DSP (Demand Side Platform) will deliver. Spearad’s Selective Programmatic solves this lack of transparency.

Selective Programmatic allows Spearad’s customers to view the advertising content before it is displayed, and to approve or decline it with just a simple click. Further, if necessary, advertising campaigns that have previously been approved can be stopped within seconds. Both work without complex coordination from the demand partner.

While the basic principle of programmatic advertising remains in place, TV platforms regain control: ad breaks can be filled programmatically while providing a great experience which TV providers are used to and viewers expect.

Spearad Selective Programmatic provides all advantages of digital advertising: The approval of advertising content happens in real time. Unlike with alternative platforms, TV providers are not blindfolded and retain the control they require for their quality TV offering across digital channels.

“We want to prevent that the shortcomings of digital advertising are transferred to CTV and OTT,” explains Spearad-CEO Erhard Neumann: “Only Selective Programmatic ensures high quality ad breaks while in parallel allowing transparent program advertising.”

“Viewer expectations from digital TV channels of any kind is, that it provides the same viewing experience as Linear TV,” adds Neumann. “When you automatically string together uncontrolled ads, viewers will be annoyed – which will lead to less acceptance. High acceptance of TV advertising is what is critical for TV providers, though.”