ucfunnel to deliver advertising via Express LUCK built Smart TVs

Wednesday, March 17th, 2021
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ucfunnel and Express LUCK announce the partnership to lead the data-driven insights through marketing automation on the Smart TV

SAN FRANCISCO — ucfunnel, a global Smart Media programmatic solution provider, today announced a new partnership with Express LUCK, an expert in the original design and manufacture of Smart digital products, to deliver data-driven advertisements using ucfunnel’s marketing automation solution to Express LUCK’s Smart TVs users.

ucX, the AI-enabled ad exchange platform powered and developed by ucfunnel, serves 150 billion impressions monthly. The platform meets the growing needs of both media buyers and publishers across the globe by achieving market penetration on an automated system level along with the flexibility to create custom platform features. Through a collaboration led by Express LUCK, several brands in the North American and LATAM markets (including Caixun, SANSUI and RCA) will start to equip their products with ucfunnel’s solution paired with SVAD (splash video AD), LCAD (launcher AD) and a TV app store for Premium Streaming VoD Content.

As a Smart TV total solutions provider, Express LUCK’s partnership with ucfunnel is the next step in crafting a world-class data strategy that recognizes today’s Smart TV users expect a personalized digital experience across devices. As a result of using ucX, Express LUCK and their brands can pinpoint tailored brand campaigns at the right users through ucfunnel’s data optimization solutions. The partnership with Express LUCK (powered by MediaTek Smart TV turnkey solutions) will increase interactive user experiences, delivering valuable integrated information and services through scaling dynamic advertising while accessing Premium Streaming VoD Content.

“ucfunnel is truly unique in the way it has developed and customized a marketing automation platform to drive engagement and optimize outcomes. Their solutions enable users to access relevant information more intuitively, and at the same time enable brands to communicate with their customers more effectively. The solution also allows us to understand our customers better so that we can keep bringing innovative products to them,” said Mr. Sherman Chan, Vice President of Express LUCK.

“We are excited to work with Express LUCK helping them and their brands understand the expectations of users using our data-driven solutions and expand user engagement through CTV,” said Kenny Wu, Head of Smart Media BU at ucfunnel.