Disruptel partners with TCL to develop AI-driven viewing experiences

Tuesday, January 11th, 2022 
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Disruptel Announces Partnership with TCL to Build Next Generation of Smarter TVs

  • New partnership to result in innovative AI-driven viewing experiences and new revenue streams for manufacturers and programmers

ST. LOUIS — Disruptel, the interactive TV and AI innovator changing the way consumers interact with their connected televisions, today announced a new partnership with TCL, one of the world’s best-selling consumer electronics brands and leading technology companies. The partnership was previewed at CES last week. Through the partnership, the two companies will develop new AI-powered features, enabling users to see information related to what’s on-screen and ask questions about what they’re watching.

Founded in 2017, St. Louis-based Disruptel has developed an AI platform that processes and understands video content in real-time. The company uses this platform to create next-generation viewing experiences for consumers while enabling brands to reach and engage with viewers using advanced contextual ad targeting. Disruptel’s unique targeting solution gives brands the ability to reach consumers with immersive and compelling messaging while always maintaining user privacy.

“Our new partnership with TCL will enable us to create the world’s smartest TVs, changing the way viewers consume and interact with CTV content,” said Alex Quinn, CEO of Disruptel. “Global TV manufacturers like TCL have the opportunity to reshape what it means to enjoy CTV, and we’re excited to have found a partner committed to innovating in this space. Together we are manufacturing an even smarter TV viewing experience that connects hardware, software, programmers, and advertisers directly for the first time.”

The new partnership will enable viewers to interact seamlessly with the content on their screens through an array of groundbreaking features, including real-time recognition of on-screen actors and actresses, in-stream commerce experiences, and the world’s first voice assistant with visual awareness (e.g., “Who is the actress in the red dress?”). These features will enable an enhanced viewer experience while also facilitating expanded revenue stream possibilities for programmers and advertisers, offering a new, direct channel for targeted marketing and engagement.

“Connected TV continues to evolve, and TCL’s mission is to lead the industry in creating engaging viewing experiences,” said Shaoyong Zhang, CEO of TCL Electronics. “By using their visionary voice assistant technology, Disruptel allows us to create groundbreaking new ways for viewers to interact with Smart TV’s and Connected TV content. By eliminating the need for a second screen while watching TV, this partnership will increase engagement and develop new viewing opportunities.”

“Disruptel is at the forefront of artificial intelligence, leading the way with its applications within video and TV,” said Adam Cheyer, voice assistant industry expert and co-founder of Siri (acquired by Apple) and Viv Labs (Bixby). “The company’s platform represents the next generation of voice assistants, powering a multi-modal solution that can meld voice requests with on-screen visual content and respond accordingly.”

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