Simulmedia launches cross-channel TV advertising platform

Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 
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Simulmedia Launches TV+®, the Only Truly Cross-Channel TV Advertising Platform

  • The Next Generation of Simulmedia’s TV Advertising Platform Provides Unified Access to Cable, Broadcast, and Streaming Ad Inventory

NEW YORK — With the sheer volume of television content, channels and consumption at record levels, advertisers from all categories are grappling with unprecedented fragmentation of potential audiences, hampering their ability to find their consumers at scale and at cost.

To provide marketers with desperately needed certainty, efficiency and speed, Simulmedia, Inc. today announced the launch of TV+®, a new platform for automated planning, buying, activation and measurement that guarantees full audience reach across ad-supported channels on both linear and connected TV in the U.S.

Other solutions in the marketplace either focus on CTV as a standalone offering or try to stitch together a nationwide quilt of local linear inventory, while individual TV networks and streaming services are limited to their own universe of viewers or subscribers. TV+, in sharp contrast, answers the endemic problem of fragmentation by providing advertisers with seamless access to over 300 million viewers in the U.S. across 120 million households through integrations and partnerships with 250 broadcast, cable and streaming platforms and publishers.

With over 60 million U.S. households regularly viewing both linear and streaming, TV+ was designed to identify that overlap and prevent wasteful and expensive audience duplication for brands and their advertising campaigns.

“TV+ provides us with direct access to every major CTV and linear publisher, allowing our clients to better understand where audiences intersect and how best to reach them,” says Sam Bloom, CEO of Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media, a media buying and planning agency and Simulmedia partner.

In an era of rapid and unexpected changes for businesses and their customers, Simulmedia’s extensive network relationships, data-driven approach, and automated processes also provide the assurance of guaranteed impression delivery across premium inventory through TV+. This allows TV advertisers to be more nimble in their strategies based on market conditions and other unforeseen needs, and to get their campaigns live in a matter of days or even hours, whereas other solutions can take weeks or months.

​“As the fifth generation of our advanced TV platform, TV+ is the culmination of 14 years of the experience, relationship building and technological innovation needed to make cross-channel TV buying a reality,” said Simulmedia CEO Dave Morgan, who founded the New York-based company in 2008.

“We always anticipated a time when audiences would view premium, ad-supported TV content not just from cable, antenna and satellite delivery, but streamed from the internet, too. And then advertisers would need TV to be targetable and measurable at a granular, unified and transparent audience-based impression level, just like digital,” Morgan added. “That time is now.”

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