Nielsen Admosphere to implement cross-platform TV audience measurement in the Czech Republic

Friday, July 1st, 2022 
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The Project Of TV Audience Electronic Measurement For 2023-2027 Knows Its Implementer

Today, the Association of Television Organisations (Asociace televizních organizací – ATO) and Nielsen Admosphere signed the agreement on implementing cross-platform TV audience measurement in the Czech Republic in the upcoming five-year period (2023-2027). Nielsen Admosphere has been implementing the measurement for as long as 20 years.

In the upcoming period, the project will offer a comprehensive solution to TV audience measurement covering the major needs of TV market in terms of TV program creation as well as efficient return on investment measurement involving (television and online) broadcast. The project structure, reflecting the recent trends in media consumption, will follow up on the previous successful project period (2018-2022); clients will therefore receive data on audience measurement not only from TV receivers (that have been drawn by the peoplemeter method on a long-term basis), but also on other platforms such as PC, laptops, smartphones, or HbbTV on smart TVs.

The successful cooperation between Nielsen Admosphere and the ATO stands on continuous development of the project, drawing on the last 20 years of providing measurement by the same implementer.

The new wave of measuring emphasizes, besides other things, the trend of non-linear TV content watching on both classical and internet platforms, and joint reporting of results. The project’s ‘flagship’, Adwind Kite Lite software, will also extend the functions concerning non-linear watching (time shift), Lite being the basic software module.

Both the Introductory and the Continuous Surveys, acting as the most important calibration sources of the project, respond to changing conditions. These surveys methodologically reflect the changes in society and lessons learned from the covid-19 pandemic which made personal interviewing virtually impossible. Consequently, and aiming at the greatest possible response rate from various target groups, the surveys use a combination of inquiry techniques much more varied than before and they also provide solution in the situation of limited availability of personal interviewing which we witnessed in the previous two years.

Another item undergoing continuous development are audience measurement technologies. People meters used for measuring on the respondent panel in the so-called TV part of the project are being constantly modernized by Nielsen Admosphere to satisfy the current user requirements and to make them as user-friendly for households as possible.

The project enables further extension in the future (based on modules offered by Nielsen Admosphere) so that it keeps covering the changing needs of the television market. Some of these solutions, such as using Return Path Data from IPTV or further extension of cross-platform functions, are already being discussed. Just like in the past, innovations are not directly tied to the five-year project cycles but they are being introduced consecutively.

“The approach of Nielsen Admosphere guarantees that the project of TV measurement in the Czech Republic is not going to be mothballed for the next five years, unchanged and left as at the time of signing the agreement, but it is going to continuously develop within our co-operation according to the newest trends and findings. Compared internationally, the project already stands high, which is something we want to build on and develop,” Vlasta Roškotová, the managing director of the ATO, said.

“We appreciate the trust ATO holds in us and I believe that the quality of our results together with an innovative and active approach to the project throughout every five-year period will be the base of our good cooperation in the future,” Tereza Šimečková, the managing director of Nielsen Admosphere, said, and added: “I would also like to thank all of our NAD team whose expertise and professionalism as well as active approach and enthusiasm are the driving forces in the project.”

20 years of cooperation between the ATO and Nielsen Admosphere

25 years of people meters in the Czech Republic

This year, Nielsen Admosphere is celebrating 20 years of cooperation with the ATO. Besides that, the ATO has been covering electronic measurement of TV audience already since 1997, so in June 2022 it is commemorating 25 years since the onset of the measurement in the Czech Republic. Over the time, the project made a significant progress from minute measurement of linear broadcast by several channels on the panel of 600 households to measuring a hundred channels broadcasting on many platforms (including HbbTV, computers, mobiles and tablets), second measurement of various forms of broadcast including Video On Demand and delayed viewing using different technologies. At the same time, one of the main pillars of the project – measuring on peoplemeter panel of households – remains and has been increased for the new project to 1900 households. The final data is available two hours after the end of the measured day, while preliminary data is available virtually in real time.

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