UK's DTG releases D-Book 12.7

Monday, October 31st, 2022 
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DTG releases update to critical implementation requirements for terrestrial television in D-Book 12.7

The DTG has released D-Book 12.7 – the latest update to the technical specification for all digital terrestrial television products and services in the UK market.

Produced in partnership with industry, and based on International Standards, the D-Book ensures interoperability across the chain from broadcaster to the viewer, enabling manufacturers and service providers to deliver high quality products and content to market with confidence.

Each year, the DTG working groups produce the D-Book to support the consumer electronics sector by ensuring device interoperability throughout the entire life cycle of the product. The critical set of technical specifications underpins Freeview Play, Freesat, BT TV, Now, TalkTalk TV and YouView.

D-Book 12.7 supports the current DTT platform, updated following the closure of the UK’s only Single Frequency Network, COM7, on channel 55 and further revising the receiver profiles in Chapter 22 to reflect the HD HbbTV baseline for all UK receivers.

The D-Book continually evolves with the market to support the rapid development of products and services in the highly successful UK market, including removing requirements that are no longer needed. Alignment with HbbTV and DVB continues to ensure European and international harmonisation wherever possible.

Simon Fell, Chairman, DTG, said, “We’re delighted to continue delivering the only technical standard universally deployed in UK televisions. The D-Book is a great example of industry uniting and working together to produce a single specification that provides viewers with a reliable, resilient, seamless experience. In a fragmented market, it has never been more important.

As the UK faces economic challenges and strained home finances, digital television remains an essential part of society for education, news and even companionship. It is critical that, as an industry, we protect it.” 

The DTG welcomes contributions from its members on the evolution towards hybrid distribution systems which will feed into the development of future D-Books.

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