TCL MOKA selects ACCESS browser for ODM Smart TVs

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 
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TCL MOKA selects ACCESS Browser solutions for its Smart TVs

HAMBURG & OBERHAUSEN, Germany — NetRange MMH GmbH (‘NetRange’) and its sister company ACCESS Europe GmbH, today announced that TCL MOKA International Limited (TCL MOKA) has selected ACCESS browser solutions for the TVs it manufacturers for other brands through its TCL MOKA business unit. The ACCESS browser solutions are pre-integrated with NetRange MMH GmbH (‘NetRange’) Smart TV App Stores, which have been deployed by TCL MOKA for a number of years. Choosing ACCESS browser solutions and Smart TV content from NetRange reduces the number of suppliers TCL MOKA has to deal with, removes integration headaches, and provides a more cost-efficient solution. TCL MOKA also benefits from ACCESS’ experience of integrating its browser solutions with TV SoC vendors.

The ACCESS and NetRange solutions that TCL MOKA now deploy in its Smart TVs are:

  • NetFront™ Browser DTV Profile HbbTV edition
  • NetFront™ Browser BE
  • NetRange Android Hybrid TV App Store

“The key technology building blocks of a Smart TV are the SoC, the browser and the content App Store,” says Masahiro Aono, CEO, ACCESS Europe. “By choosing the content App Store and the browser from ACCESS group companies, TCL MOKA product development operations are greatly simplified. In addition, ACCESS’ decades experience of integrating the NetFront™ browser solutions with an enormous variety of CE devices means that the heavyweight technical issues of integrating with Smart TV SoCs is easily handled by us. By greatly reducing the effort of integrating the three key Smart TV building blocks, and the cost-efficiency of choosing a browser and Smart TV content App Store from the same group, ACCESS’ offering is incredibly attractive to Smart TV manufacturers such as TCL MOKA.”

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