Spin Digital releases VVC/H.266 encoder and SDK for 4K and 8K live video

Monday, February 20th, 2023 
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Spin Digital Releases VVC/H.266 Encoder and SDK for 4K and 8K Live Video

BERLIN — Spin Digital released today new versions of its live encoder (Spin Enc Live v2.0) and Media SDK (Spin SDK v6.0) introducing support for real-time VVC encoding optimized for live streaming and broadcasting.

The VVC encoder was originally announced in August 2022 and presented at IBC 2022; after six months of development, testing and optimization Spin Digital is releasing the first version of the new encoder as a complete application as well as an SDK.

With VVC support, Spin Enc Live enables the delivery of broadcast-grade quality live video at noticeably lower bitrates. With higher compression efficiency and real-time performance the VVC encoder facilitates next-generation applications, such as 4K and 8K live streaming, more efficient adaptive streaming, ultra-HD gaming, screencasting and virtual desktop, and higher quality live VR-360° and immersive video.

The main features of the Spin Digital’s VVC encoder are:

  • High compression efficiency: The encoder produces 18% bitrate savings at equal quality compared to HEVC for 4K video, and 27% for 8K video. As a result, it is possible to deliver high-quality 4K and 8K video at lower bitrates.
  • Better quality for high-end video: The encoder supports the major VVC coding tools resulting in higher visual quality, especially for large resolution and HDR video.
  • High performance: The encoder has been extensively optimized for the latest generation of CPU architectures. As a result, the encoder enables, on a single dual-socket server, live encoding and streaming of 4Kp60 and 8Kp30 video. 8Kp60 is coming soon.
  • Complete encoder features: Spin Enc Live incorporates modern encoder features such as preprocessing filters (scaling, color conversion, tone mapping), advanced rate control (CBR and VBR, with HRD buffer conformance), and perceptually optimized encoding.
  • Input and output modules: Including input capture from SDI and IP interfaces, and adaptive streaming over HTTP (HLS, DASH) and TS-over-IP delivery (UDP, RTP, SRT, RIST, Zixi).
  • Improved streaming over HTTP: Spin Enc Live supports adaptive bitrate streaming using open Group of Pictures (GOP) coding. Compared to closed GOP coding, which is mandatory in current adaptive streaming services, adaptive streaming with VVC results in additional bitrate savings and, overall, better perceived quality.

Availability: Encoder Application, SDK, FFmpeg Plugin

The VVC/H.266 encoder is available in multiple forms for facilitating its integration into live encoding and streaming workflows:

  • Spin Enc Live: A complete application with all the components needed for live encoding and streaming with an easy-to-use web interface.
  • Spin SDK: Spin SDK offers full support for VVC including encoding and decoding, and integration into a complete framework with a comprehensive set of optimized libraries for video and audio capture, processing, encoding, streaming, and playback.
  • FFmpeg plugin: The encoder is available as a plugin for the popular FFmpeg framework for simplifying its use in file encoding and transcoding workflows.

More Information in the Whitepaper

A new version of the whitepaper titled ‘A VVC/H.266 Real-time Software Encoder for UHD Live Video Applications’ has been published which includes a detailed evaluation of the VVC encoder in terms of compression, quality, and performance for 4K and 8K live applications. In addition the VVC encoder has been analyzed and compared with other CPU-based software and GPU-based hardware encoders for UHD live encoding scenarios.

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