New Mercedes-Benz E-Class has on board entertaiment portal

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023 
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The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class: the in-car apps [1]

  • Third-party apps optimised for the vehicle for a better user experience
  • Popular apps such as the entertainment platform “TikTok” and the game “Angry Birds”, among others[2]
  • Part of the optional Entertainment package, download possible directly in the E-Class

STUTTGART — Until now, apps found their way into the car mainly by being mirrored from the user’s smartphone into the infotainment system. Apple Car Play or Android Auto are such systems, which allow some functions of the mobile device to be used on the central and passenger display while the car is moving. The software experts at Mercedes-Benz have developed a new compatibility layer that allows the installation of third-party apps.

For example, the driver can use the vehicle’s own selfie and video camera for the collaboration application “Webex” and the video conferencing app “Zoom”[3]. To avoid driver distraction, image transmission is not activated while driving. There is an added advantage: the new software architecture means that apps will find their way into the vehicle much more quickly in future.

A new App Store has been integrated into the Mercedes me Store, with a gradually expanding portfolio of apps. In this way, the E-Class remains up-to-date and can be extensively personalised.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class | 2023: Large glass surface with newly designed icons.

The following apps are part of the portfolio at the launch of the new E-Class:

  • “TikTok”
  • “Angry Birds” game
  • “Webex by Cisco”, cloud-based collaboration solutions
  • Video conference system “Zoom”
  • “Vivaldi” browser

The entertainment portal ZYNC is also on board. On a user interface on the central and passenger displays (optional), it offers video streaming, on-demand content, interactive experiences, local video programmes, sports, news and much more. More than 30 streaming services from well-known global, regional and local partners are already available, while further partners and channels are continually being integrated.

The in-car calendar also has new features. Compared to the previous version as part of In-Car-Office, it is now even more compatible with public (i.e. non-corporate) calendars.

1. A personal Mercedes me ID and agreement to the Terms of Use for the Mercedes me connect services are required to use the services. In addition, the vehicle must be paired with the corresponding user account. Upon expiry of the initial term, the services can be renewed on payment of a fee, provided they are still offered for the corresponding vehicle at that point. First activation of the services is possible within one year from first vehicle registration or commissioning by the customer, whichever comes first. Use of MBUX Entertainment Plus also requires the customer’s own data volume.
2. An app package is planned for the market launch. The apps may vary over the lifecycle of the E-Class.
3. New technologies must always meet the legal requirements of the different markets, and must therefore be adapted accordingly. We are currently looking into the approval situation in this respect.

Links: Mercedes-Benz; ZYNC