FreeCast launches no cost FAST channel creation service

Monday, April 10th, 2023 
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FreeCast FAST Launches No Cost Monetization Solution for Influencers

  • After assembling the largest collection of FAST channels, FreeCast will share its tier-1 partnerships and economics to benefit niche content producers and influencers.

ORLANDO, Fla. — FreeCast is announcing the launch of FreeCast FAST, its new FAST channel creation service. This new offering will combine a whole stable of technologies and services into an end-to-end solution for turning video content into monetizable FAST channels. FreeCast has years of expertise in managing FAST channels and particularly the process of dynamic ad-insertion, which is a central selling point and differentiator for the company’s new foray.

With the current uncertain economic outlook and other trends in the media industry, free ad-supported television (FAST) channels are experiencing rapid growth, as they give consumers a familiar viewing experience without a subscription cost. FreeCast FAST has the ability to take in any sort of video feed or collection of digital video content, dynamically insert ads, and serve a channel to viewers across all major platforms and device types. FreeCast’s data collection capabilities also allow the company not only to deliver detailed reports, but also to provide some of the most precisely-targeted ads in the industry. FreeCast allows content providers of all sizes create a FAST channel without the significant investment of time, money, and resources that would be required to do so in-house, allowing them to get a revenue-producing channel up and running much more quickly and cost-effectively.

Media companies, including the largest TV networks and movie studios, have had to rethink their strategies recently, as new streaming services have struggled. FreeCast FAST aims to offer a low-risk way for these companies to monetize content, particularly older or less in-demand content that may not make as much economic sense in a first-party streaming library.

FreeCast CEO William Mobley discussed the opportunity for any company sitting on unutilized content: “If you look at streaming, the only segment that’s really growing and making money right now is FAST channels, and we’re offering an easy and affordable way into that space for everyone. FAST channels are the new syndication, and as an agnostic third party, what we can do is much more attractive than the licensing deals of five or ten years ago.”

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