Telly’s free 55” 4K dual-screen TVs begin shipping

Thursday, July 13th, 2023 
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Telly’s Free 55” 4K Dual-Screen TVs Begin Shipping to Consumers

  • Public beta program begins today, as Telly announces new product, data, and advertising partnerships with Harman Kardon, LiveOne, Magnite, Microsoft, Nielsen, and Spotify.

LOS ANGELES — Telly, the ultimate free television upgrade for the living room, announced today that the company has begun shipping the first-of-its-kind 55” 4K dual-screen television sets to consumers.

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Those receiving this initial wave of free Tellys have been invited to participate in the company’s public beta program. These new Telly households, who represent a diverse cross-section of the US population, will be part of the company’s groundbreaking efforts to develop the most innovative and advanced television in the market.

Additionally, as part of this launch, Telly is announcing a number of new product advancements, data partnerships, and advertising agreements, including:

  • Data Licensing: Nielsen, the global leader in audience measurement, data, and analytics, plans to license Telly’s data in order to collect and interpret first-of-its-kind viewership and ad effectiveness insights for both advertisers and TV programmers.
  • Ad Tech Integrations: Magnite and Microsoft Advertising will join initial launch partner MNTN as preferred partners. They’ll work with Telly to unlock innovative opportunities for brands to reach and engage consumers via the company’s dual-screen television.
  • Sound System: Telly’s disruptive dual-screen television has reimagined the living room experience combining numerous experiences such as voice assistants, motion tracking fitness, video games, and sound bars all into the most powerful and smartest TV ever built. Telly’s included six-driver integrated Sound by Harman Kardon sound bar surrounds the senses with incredible sound tuned by the industry leader in high-performance home audio systems.
  • Music, Podcasts, and Audiobooks: Get your summer sounds ready! Nothing sounds better than your favorite music, podcast, or audiobook pumping out of Telly’s incredible built-in sound bar and listeners will be able to seamlessly connect their Spotify and LiveOne accounts (or stream for free on either ad-supported service) with integrated applications.

“We are thrilled to begin shipping what is by far the smartest television ever built to consumers,” said Ilya Pozin, CEO and Founder, Telly. “The consumer and advertising community’s response has been incredible. Our disruptive ad-supported business model makes the television completely free to consumers, but the most exciting thing about Telly is the technology that enables our dual-screen television to get better with every update. We can’t wait for consumers to see what a truly smart TV can do as we continue to surprise and delight Telly households for years to come.”

“Telly’s unique business model and technology will completely transform TV measurement,” said Bob Ivins, Head of Data Strategy, Telly. “No other industry player can match the potential of Telly’s insights business, which will provide advertisers and content owners with never-before-available tools to target and measure viewership and the effectiveness of advertising.”

Telly plans to ship 500,000 free televisions by the end of 2023, with millions more in 2024. Over 250,000 households registered for their free Telly during the first week the company’s registration system was open. Telly reservations closely match the US census on geographic and ethnic distribution and over-index the national average on household income and education. 2/3rds of Telly registrants are Gen Z and Millennial households that are increasingly hard to reach for advertisers with television advertising.

“Telly represents the latest innovation in TV advertising,” said Michael Barrett, President and CEO of Magnite. “Together, we are unlocking new inventory and data, in addition to powerful new performance-driven advertising creative for brands looking to reach engaged consumers on the biggest screen in the home. We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with Telly, leveraging our expertise and technology to help fuel their progress.”

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