Redge Media video cloud deployed at LRT in Lithuania

Thursday, April 4th, 2024 
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Redge Media video cloud deployed for LRT, a Lithuanian public broadcaster

  • Redge Technologies formed a partnership with LRT, a public Lithuanian national radio and television to deliver a top-notch video-on-demand solution.

Redge Technologies, a leading end-to-end technology provider for streaming services in CEE and MENA, formed a partnership with LRT, a public Lithuanian national radio and television to deliver a top-notch video-on-demand solution.

LRT is a Lithuanian public media broadcaster based in Vilnius. It began operations as a radio station in 1926, expanding its services to include television in 1957. Committed to delivering objective and diverse content, LRT ensures access to important information and culture both nationally and abroad.

Redge Technologies, following a winning public tender, has entered into a 36-month contract with LRT. As a result, the company provided a complete product for video-on-demand streaming – the LRT EPIKA platform – within an impressive timeframe of less than one and a half months.

EPIKA LRT is based entirely on Redge Media, an end-to-end cloud-hosted platform that supports all aspects of multimedia content ingest, storage, security, and distribution. It provides all-encompassing support throughout the multimedia content delivery process and functions under a TV as a Service model, a form of Software as a Service (SaaS), with Redge Technologies offering comprehensive maintenance. This guarantees not just the system’s reliability and quality of service but also simplifies how users interact with the platform. What’s more, support for extensive content management and the availability of options for basic customizations in applications enable the content to be easily adapted to the audience’s needs.

The service offers a wide range of applications across eight platforms, ensuring that access is flexible and broad. To keep up with the evolving market and increasingly sophisticated viewer demands, Redge Technologies consistently rolls out updates on a regular cycle.

LRT EPIKA was created with the aim of reaching the widest possible audience, which is in line with the mission of LRT. Therefore, it operates on web and mobile platforms (Android and iOS), as well as on devices such as AppleTV, AndroidTV, Samsung TVs, LG TVs, Hisense TVs, and Chromecast. Additionally, it is available in two language versions – Lithuanian and English, offering the latest productions and archival materials without any charges for viewers in Lithuania.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for both LRT and Redge Technologies, providing seamless VoD services in Lithuania and globally, while establishing Redge Technologies as a key contributor in the Baltic region’s market.

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