Corinex Communications Selects DS2´s 200Mbps Aitana Chipset for HomeNet, Its Latest Home Networking Product Available in Both Powerline and Coaxial Versions

Friday, January 9th, 2009

LAS VEGAS — DS2, the leading technology innovator and global supplier of high-speed powerline communications technology, announced today that Corinex Communications, a leading provider of Powerline and Coaxial networking products, is expanding its range of home networking products by embedding DS2´s 200Mbps Aitana chipset in HomeNet, its latest product designed to connect PC´s IP cameras, media players and other entertainment and networking devices to the home network. HomeNet is available in both powerline and coaxial versions and installs in about 2 minutes to deliver secure, reliable high-speed connectivity to any home entertainment or networking device.

“HomeNet creates a secure, faster than Wireless, 200 Mbps connection with mobile plug-in adapters which utilize the existing electrical or coaxial wiring in the home to create the fastest, most stable connection between the Internet and any Ethernet-enabled home entertainment or networking product. DS2´s on chip support for the highest-grade encryption available and our customer friendly design allows adapters to automatically configure to provide a secure and fast Internet connection. If customers choose to rearrange their rooms, the adapters can be moved without harming the online connection,” said Sam Morovati, Vice President Strategic Sales, Corinex Communications Corp.

“We are delighted that Corinex is expanding its DS2-based home networking product range. Thanks to the inherent robustness and flexibility of DS2 technology, Corinex has been able to again demonstrate its leadership and commitment in the design of secure easy to install ‘anywire’ home networking products. HomeNet offers the customer greater choice as it is available in both powerline and coaxial versions. The 200Mbps Aitana multimedia engine provides the bandwidth to support multimedia applications and the quality demanded by end users for home entertainment and networking over powerline or coaxial,” said Jorge Blasco, President and CEO, DS2.