Codetel Adopts CopperGate IPTV Technology

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Largest Dominican Republic telco company selects leading HomePNA 3.1 chipsets

NEWARK, CA and SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic — Codetel, the largest telecommunications company in the Dominican Republic, announced that it has selected CopperGate Communications’ HomePNA 3.1 technology for its Claro TV IPTV service. Codetel offers local, long-distance, and wireless voice services, together with advanced data and video services.

“Claro TV will revolutionize the current concept of the telephony network, making use of existing home wiring and creating an economical and attractive option for our residential customers to access the best in TV programming and content,” noted Oscar Peña Chacón, president of Codetel.

Codetel wanted to expand its established services to include video and the media-rich applications of IPTV. It needed a technology that was high quality, extremely stable, efficient, and provided fast and easy installation.

CopperGate, the Everywire Home Networking Company, met the strict selection criteria. Codetel tested the CopperGate technology and determined that the quality was superior and deploying with HomePNA 3.1 would help them roll out IPTV quickly and affordably.

“HomePNA3.1 is the fastest and best way to deploy high performance IPTV into existing homes,” explained Gabi Hilevitz, CEO of CopperGate. “Codetel joins a growing list of leading service providers globally that are using HomePNA to improve their efficiency.”

CopperGate’s silicon uses existing coax and phone lines in the home to deliver the highest performance in home entertainment networks today – over 200 Mbit/s of effective throughput. CopperGate technology achieves high data rates, overcomes various impediments, and coexists with other services on the same wires, such as POTS, dial-up modems, ISDN, ADSL, VDSL and broadcast TV.