NDS to Provide End-to-End Content Protection System for KT Mobile Content Service "toest", Enabling Secure Video Downloads to WiFi Hotspots

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007
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  • NDS provides VideoGuard Mobile™ and VideoGuard PMP™ DRM solutions for “toest”, the new mobile content service from KT
  • New offering enables the secure download of videos to PDA phones and PMP’s over WiFi hotspots around Korea
  • The deal with KT, a leading telecommunications company in Korea, illustrates another win in the fast-moving Asian market for the popular NDS VideoGuard® DRM solution

LAS VEGAS (CES) and Seoul — NDS Group plc (NASDAQ: NNDS), the leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV, announced today that it has been selected by Korea Telecom (KT), the leading telecommunications company in Korea, to deploy a full end-to-end system including NDS VideoGuard Mobile and NDS VideoGuard PMP on the company’s new ‘toest’ mobile content platform.

The NDS content protection solution will enable the secure download of a wide variety of video content over WiFi hotspots, providing both content owners and consumers with a new, secure way to download video to their mobile CE devices.

“toest” is a new service from KT that has been designed to establish a standardized business model for content distribution, through which revenues will go to copyrighted content owners. Video clips, protected by digital rights management, will be offered via a single authorized terminal per user. Users log on to www.toest.co.kr and download video clips to their PCs, and subsequently transfer them to mobile devices via wireless hotspots. The service offers nearly 3,000 video clips, including movies, TV dramas, animations and educational content.

Dr. Jung Han-Wook, Assistant Vice President of KT, commented “We chose the NDS VideoGuard DRM solution as it is important for us to launch the “toest” service with a lawful distribution structure of videos and movies. NDS VideoGuard enables us to protect the content copyrights as well as support a variety of content purchase business models. KT plans to expand the “toest” content service with various content licensing agreements as well as expand the service to HSDPA terminals.”

Commenting on the news, Ms. Sue Taylor, Vice President and General Manager of NDS Asia Pacific, said “We are very excited to be chosen by KT to secure and enable their new mobile content service. We look forward to working with KT to advance the platform and enable new types of content and business models, including TV streaming on a variety of end-user devices such as mobile phones, PDA’s, PMP’s and PC’s.”infrastructure in Korea.